June 02, 2015

♥ Ma, Paw, Aunts and Uncles An Aw' ♥

I was delighted to know and see again, my mother and father's wedding photo taken on Dec 24th , 1947.  When you've a vast family and these few treasured snaps go AWOL, it's a relief in knowing that the picture is indeed, still in existence.  I quite coincidentally saw it through my 11 year old niece's snaps now she's fallen prisoner to Facebook but I'm still not clear on whose physical care the photograph is in.  Our family is spread far and wide, with it's complications but it's pretty apparent that we (and I'm hugely guilty of this myself) are getting on a bit ourselves and need to tie the ropes a bit tighter and one or two of us need to bite our tongues more.  

My mother looked the same most of her life - had beautiful skin and few wrinkles - but I can't believe my dad once looked so young!  I'm uploading it in all it's tattered glory but will edit it as near to it's former glory as I can later on.  If only their marriage (which amazingly lasted till my mother's death in 1988) had kept the beauty of this photograph. 

      My mother, Margaret, father Robert, Best Man Uncle Alex, Bridesmaid Auntie Nancy, and flower girl, Auntie Rita .....picture taken in the Co-operative Hall in Falkirk


^.^ said...

I have a big family as well ... so many ties ... everywhere ... some are soul mates, some are enemies ... some speak 'bout da skeletons in our family closet ... some don't ... guess I have to make my own skeleton ... smiles. Love, cat.

anne marie in philly said...

lovely photo; and so soon after the war too.

my mum was still in high school in 1947; she had not met my father yet, and I was nowhere to be seen! (hee hee)

Jon said...

A lovely photo - - so many treasured memories captured in time.

Blogoratti said...

Really great photo!

Rajlakshmi said...

how beautiful!! I love looking at my mum and Dad pictures, the way they looked in their younger days.