February 28, 2015

'Aw For Seany's Wedding (Part One)

In my absence from Blogger those long, trying months where, quite frankly, I feared widowhood upon me, there were happier, uplifting and gracious days through the darker ones, the best being the wedding of my stepson, Sean.

My hubby (The Cheaper Half) and I each have a child each from our first marriages, my daughter ,Kerri, of course, being the other.  The pair were used to each other at access weekends and holidays, ect.  Sean and Kerri became remarkable close, especially through their teenage years and shared cigarettes laughs, alcohol loyalty and discreet tattoos other interests. 

Over the years, life took them off to ventures and places new and Sean and his father lost touch once he moved from the area.  Kerri had also settled in London with a wonderful hubby and her dream job.  Years passed and on one of our phone calls, Kerri passed on the news that there was a relative of Sean's asking how we were all doing.  So cutting a long story short and some credit (for something good this time) to
Facepuke, we were all back in tough again.  And in remarkable co-incidence given the size of Britain, Sean had settled with his fiancee and kids just a mere 15 miles away from Kerri in Oxdford.

The step-sister and step brother with their respective partners met up a good few times and before long Seany's wedding came about and I have to thank Kerri and her hubby James for the travel and hosting arrangements. We probably couldn't have made the wedding without them.

 Circumstances went that we were unable to arrive in London until the night before the wedding, meaning The Cheaper Half and his first born were reuniting for the first of a very long time, at the church just prior to the service. The instant those arms went around each other brought tears to everyone's eyes....leaving the gals having to reapply the mascara before the bride's turn to do that came along.

What was more poignant than anything though was Seany telling his dad it was 13 years, 7 months, 2 weeks and 2 days since he last saw him. That was scary said out loud. In a fast-paced life time passes so quickly, you never seem to clock the years accurately.  All I know is despite the reason for not keeping in touch, the heart never lets go completely.  And now the future holds plans anew.

Interspersed in this post are some of the wedding pics most speaking for themselves (which may bugger up my grammer into weird sections) so please  click on the bigger pic. Outside of all the marital stuff, is a day to remember for so many reasons.  It is true what they say about absence and heart.

February 24, 2015

Gullable Travels

the prompt took me an unusual route this week as I viewed it as humans unwillingly being drawn into the mouth.  And as I always stick with the first thought that comes into my mind (apart from one shameful time) thus doth ended it up, like........innit......sorta fing....

We're head to toe in questions, finding answers without proof
holding on to anything the mind accepts as truth.
We struggle with the present , can't foresee, or won't recall,
lest it unfurl there in front of us, some won't notice at all.

Doubt those hanging gardens, now the lighthouse beam ran out
those falls will minimize you as you stand and scream and shout.
Aurora holds on to the night and shocks the midnight skies
defying all that wonderment in spectral alibi's

Encouraging our children to believe in certain things - 
stout characters clad all in red, enamel thieves with wings
Knee high men in shades of green, their rainbow's end to find
cocoa ridden rodents with foiled goods to leave behind

Visitors from other realms, whispers in the ears
eyes that see but never sought, until one disappears
Clairvoyant, tarot reading, message carried in the stars
a higher force then, to decide, what is and isn't ours?

Demons, angels betwixt thoughts, in anno Domini 
heavenly dimensions, hell flames scorched across the skies
Followers that shrink then grow, impending storms and views
Gods, protectors, idols, drawn into that finale ruse

Believe or non-believer, comfort given, losses gained
left to our own devices, either willing or ordained
We'll perform the whole world over in the Circus Of No Sense 
amongst our many life forms let the show of life commence.


February 18, 2015

Just A Matter Of Maturity

Why Little Girls Mature Quicker Than Little Boys........


February 17, 2015

Shush! M'Lord Shush!

                           That's what I love about these prompts - they take me places our of the blue!


                    The court is once more in its session, 
                    the accused standing there in the dock,
                    Her smile just a dirty-life lesson, 
                    as she stares at thy man in the frock

                    The jury's been sent out a message, 
                    not another adjournment allowed
                    As she stands nonchalant without presage, 
                    her particulars sought and avowed

                    Some wonder about motivation, 
                    how the story took time to collate
                    Arrested and charged at the station, 
                    then an urgency to mitigate
                    Not quite committing a murder, 
                    of marriages though, one might say
                    Never fearing a door made from girders, 
                    till death leads her to judgement day
                    She will not be making plea bargains 
                    or changing a word of her brief,
                    Leaving wigged ones to spill out the jargon, 
                    of this potent and hot red lip thief

                    The verdict presides there in blue ink, 
                    no more time to forgive or begrudge   
                    Or care what that whole courtroom might think, 
                    when you're secretly screwing the judge............................!


February 14, 2015

Love, Loss and Lullabies

It's been  a crazy sort of week.  The biggest and best news was hearing that my darling daughter Kerri, and her hubby, James, have been accepted by the council and social work to become adoptive parents.   Over the next five months they will be undergoing training and assessments and then it will be a matter of presenting a case to the courts and deciding on the child that will be so lucky to have them as parents.   I may be a grandmother again in time for Xmas!  I'm so proud of them both.  Some would give up the ghost after being unable to conceive as it can mentally and physically drain.

On a sadder note, my cat, Boaby, died.  Such a strange death as he literally just got fed, jumped upon the couch to go groom himself and a few minutes later fell on the floor dead.  I felt it for my hubby as I wasn't there and he tried to revive him by similar means as one would give a human.  After reporting the death with the vet, he said it could either have been a heart attack or aneurysm.   He was only nine and otherwise fit.  He now shares a grave space with the other two cats we've had over the years.  He wasn't an overly affectionate cat, more entertaining and the only one he ever trusted holding him was my son PeaPod.  I'll miss his following us about the garden and streets.  We clipped some fur from his tail and chest which my hubby is going to make into a fishing fly and calling it The Boaby Dazzler.  He won't be using it mind you, it'll be kept in the glass case beside his other creations to memorialise him.

And to finish off  this rather teary week,  PrettyBoy and his girlfriend got engaged - totally out of the blue!  Brought me back to my own engagement to his father.  We were in our flat watching The Proclaimers' first appearance on Top Of The Pops, when he piped up:

  'Wanna get married, hen...?'

No ring, bended knees or romantic gestures,  just the two of us in opposite chairs sitting  puggled after just putting our firstborns to bed after a hectic day.  I gave a little 'whatever' grunt in reply.  How's that for romance?  At least my son done it in fairly fitting style with ring and surroundings!

I'm leaving a video of a song I've enjoyed listening to over the years which, despite the lyrics, hold the bumpy ride of marriage wonderfully.


February 09, 2015

Heavenly Housewives

                                       Can't believe it's been 7 months since I last was here!  I'm back and plan to keep it that way!        

From top to bottoms, sighs controlled
and busty sighs in clouds of gold
She worries over skin and limbs,
her little cherubs dance akin

To strew her palace, endless toys,
sticky fingers, mess and noise
A routine balance now to pot,
a lover of her own free thought

No marching orders listened to,
awaits the voice of you-know-who
The second he glides through the door
their naughtiness abides no more

He cannot understand her fuss,
no subject matter to discuss
Just adoration all for him -
her darling little nephilims 

Bedtime calls and seizes them,
it's off to la-la-land again
While mother hangs up wings and breath
so very little she has left

To go towards another day
where morning steals her knight away
For battle new and battles won,
angelic daughters, saintly sons.