November 29, 2011


My baby boy turns 18 tomorrow.  I can't believe it. Already.  The nurses in maternity dubbed him The Golden Child as he had the most beautiful sheen to his hair.  His birthday is also St. Andrews Day. Not only that but he'd have shared the same birthday as his Grandpa Frank had he lived. 

Anyway - as you can imagine, most teens hitting the milestone age wants to get out there with their mates and get wasted and be rowdy. Loud music and vomit filled celebrations. Right? Not him.

He wants a quiet drink in the house with his dad and brother, as he has saved hard and is off to Oban with his girlfriend and her family staying in her uncle's holiday mansion just by the sea, to mark the occasion. So I've compiled him a little slideshow to see him off and honour his age at the same time. My little boy, all grown up and in love.  Adamski.

November 27, 2011

A Hint If There Was Ever One..........

You know I like my comforts and my cosy little traits
But I can't believe the lengths you've gone to, just to actuate
I told you but a million times I'd get her out of there
How's she gonna feel now that you've kept the matching chair?

That was her little brother, he'll look so lost on his own
Can't you ever leave the tatty things to which I've fondly grown?
She may not be in vogue right now or even haute couture
But you can't deny she made you feel all sleepy and secure!

That wall will never be the same, I'll never ever find
A sofa that will let you stuff so many things behind!
I know down in her innards lay the odd wee crumb or two
Maybe some lost magazine (and hankies from the flu!)

The last thing I expected, when driving home today
Was to see my faithful friend abandoned, tossed in to the day
The council won't be happy when I lift the phone on you
Fly-tipping leaves a hefty fine - I've pride to live up to!

Guess I'd better get the guys together, part with 'Sofie' right
I'll take her to the local tip - lest I'm miserable, contrite
But not before the lads and I say farewell with some beers
Sitting in the street remembering long and happy years.......

November 21, 2011

Missing Link

In a pocket was a piece of paper, writing looked like yours
Remorse it gushed right at me, through it's hard and fearsome shores
I loved as much as hating you, disastrous to the last
It takes more than blocked out visions to immobilise the past 

Who could bind the mindless notions that were floating in my head?
Neon lights and sundry rays, all challenged to embed.
I caught the vision, gave it thought, sparked the naked flame
Would resting on my laurels not just aggravate the game?

I found you as I left you, on that night of dying shades
Not a single drop of hatred dripping downwards from the blades
Forgiveness chases chances in a circular cease-fire
Can I really hang the painting as our colours now transpire?

Drawing ever nearer,  a fear that fears comply
But you smile and laugh and reach out, trap my hand between your thighs
Sweeping hair from porcelain,  I lean in for a kiss
Could a man be such a doubter of his solid parti pris..?

You move in closer to me, in scents of evergreen
With the power to crush an angel and render it obscene
Caught us in a low sensation,  a soulful, still degree
Sweetest moments as we have it and unjust, cold symmetry

I loved you and I hated you,  but cannot do without
The feeling left within me when your aura's not about
You're tender yet you're trouble, very rarely catch a wink
Click into our prime position, my forever missing link 


November 18, 2011

The Pup, The Popstar and The Press

Meet Alexandra Goldendoodle. Or Alex for short. She's my friend Linda's 9-month old labradoodle. Linda works tirelessly for the charity Canine Partners UK, which train dogs to help benefit the lives of the disabled both indoors and outdoors. To widen charity interest they came up with the idea of getting Alex snapped with as many willing celebrities of soap, cinema, sport and comedy as possible at hotels, shows, back stage passes and such like venues. Linda's sister resides in London and does her part in celeb-chinning!
The story was covered by the Daily Record in September, but now Linda's focusing on the music scene. To boot things into gear, my son's band NO NEED FOR IDOLS has offered to perform a charity gig for Canine Partners in the near future where Alex will be the star of the gig/show. Oooooh! I've never tried Agadoo with anybody with more than two legs before!  Here's a snap of Adam with Alex the wonder-dog. She is so full of shaggy love and affection!

I've popped up a slideshow ( including some with simple Alex poses!) of other 'celebs' including James Corden, Gerard Butler and Scottish artist Jack Vettriano. British readers will be (obviously) in with a shout of recognising the faces - even the ones we've not seen in years.......soz!

November 14, 2011

Fidelity Knell

They fed themselves a pellet each,
washed down with syrup wine.
Huddled close into the duvet,
feeling ever so inclined...

To call their spouses, say goodbye,
it really was the end.
Of life in utter misery,
no need to condescend.

One tender kiss, then closing eyes
just waiting for the lure.
To tempt them into paradise's
grandest ever tour.

A garden filled with safety nets,
where waters never drown.
Vernal twists with violets,
binding your acceptance crown.

A sky where rainbows' arched and domed.
Contentment, worry free.
Taking love's ultimate step,
a harp to render thee.

Soon his body bended over,
stomach retched in twisted pain.
Floods of pandemonium went,
coursing through his veins.

He grabbed her hand against the pull
crepuscule calling near. 
Ensuring their allegiance
in the terror of her tears.

All at once the toll of bells
drowned out the calming strings.
Him returning while she
hadn't earned the right to wings.

He vaporised before her eyes,
thick mist hung in the air.
And all around her as she turned - 
and endless field of chairs.

Where were the steps to Heaven,
stairs forgiving with each climb.
Guess she'll sit there being capsuled
into limbo's telling time.......


November 11, 2011

Eleven O'Clock Hush

If anything left an impact on me throughout my life, it was my father's stories of his time during WW2 that affected me the most.  Stories of the sad, happy and horrific.  Pictures that my mind struggled to compile or complied readily to conjure up.

  Over the years he made sure that his family and friends sported a Poppy on their jackets when mixing with the public on the lead up to remembrance day on November 11th.  He also reminded us that the Poppy was in recognition and respect for the younger soldiers of closer era's - especially those in active duty.  The experience that distressed him the most was that, after the war, out of the 5 friends that left their little village, he was the only one to return home.  He felt so guilty facing the families of his deceased friends but they were determined he was getting a hero's welcome, which he and the neighbourhood honoured and dedicated to those lost.

The picture below is of him with other musical comrades entertaining the troops and companies.  Typically, he's the one on guitar!  

Miss you so much, auld yin. Your music and talent still oozes down through the family bloodline. And so it will's just a shame peace isn't hereditary


November 07, 2011

The Death Of Casino............

*Magpie's (kinda) on my other blog for now.......*

The Death Of Casino........

Before the odd one or two get up off their swivel chair in sheer elation, it's not really the end of the band. Just the name. The guys have had to come up with another title. Search engines and general enquiries for the band have often been bypassed as today's gambling mad society automatically presumes that you're some sort of bookie fodder looking to waste away another week's wages in no time at all. Try googling Casino for yourself. It's mince.

The guys just played a recent wonder-gig at Leith Theatre to around 400 top nobs who are quite happy to see them back. Their Saturday gig in 20 Rocks was bloody phemi famonima phemomi  magic! Black Eye played stompingly good and 'new tune' has a fabulous little keys-up accompaniment to it. Gets to your heart, that does. 

So what's the new name of the band.......? The guys have decided on *Hotel India*. Obviously, it'll take time to get used to and a lot of editing on their videos and things but I hope it catches on. Only problem is googling that name. Until the guys are recognised with it, it's gonna give you hotels all over blummin' India. But their boss has a passion/obsession for India and he wants to give it a go but.........well, it's like calling that cuddly teddy you've loved and cherished for years by another name at night. Wrong 'til it feels right, I suppose! But before I's what happened on Saturday night - I'll change fonts.....*ahem*
Hotel India's sound checking was running a good bit late and the doorman/promo git said to me when I got my ticket out:
"Would you mind going back downstairs  'til the bands are ready, please?"
Ross (PrettyBoy) comes over and says:
"She's ma maw"
Git replied:
"Oh? Just through there then, madam....."
Sweet as! Ah, the perks of the getting-there famous!

I'm leaving a rather crappy (recording) of the guys' new song (that I've dubbed 'Inbetween' for now) on my other ABDTS blog. I will add lyrics. Catchy little bugger........!

ps......if anyone is wondering about the new profile pic it's to support the charity Movember........!

November 04, 2011

Their Song, His Romance

My youngest son is a strapping lad.  Not yet 18 but sporting a beard that is now long enough to plait.  He takes lids off jars as he spins them, blows up and bursts hot-water bottles as his party piece, and lifts the back end of cars up if need be!  You'd never think to look at him he'd be capable of something like this:

As his girlfriend attended an awards ceremony for work she'd done in Lourdes, he spent hours making this  for her return.  In all it's sweet, dodgy-grammar glory, it brought tears to my eyes.  But no-one knows better than me just how big that heart is. And to think the most romantic thing I ever got from his dad was a bloke in a gorilla suit bursting into my work with a bunch of flowers for me............!