February 25, 2010

No Need For Tears......(but I ended up in them anyhow).

Sadly, NNFI were runners up at last night's final in Glasgow!  Bloody' winning band won with SIX covers, and two originals whereas 'Ma utha Boayz' vice-versa'd that! So if you're a band of males, who sing like girls and cover Girls Aloud, Lady Gaga, and dance songs and the only female judge is an Ibiza DJ and very pretty, then you're in with a shout for next year!
       Anyhow, Ma (original) Boayz (The Valentines) reformed and were the special guests artists while the judges deliberated. THEY ourclassed ALL the bands there! That was the higher mentors' opinion in the dressing room as well as mine, of course!  So The Valentines took  NNFI  under their musical wings and boosted their spirits by sharing the limo on the way home.  The young one's after event perty went ahead (at Dave's house) and I believe Adam copped off with a gorgeous fan! But I went home for a cuppa tea and some TLC from my cat and older son.
       NO NEED FOR IDOLS was the band that gained the most points in stage performance. Oliver is a fabulous front man and considering they only banded in June 09' (and were the youngest band with all at 16) is a huge achievement. They have released 2 demo's, are sought after on a regular basis in Glasgow venue's and there has been some managerial interest in them, particularly with Walk Away! So, it's fair to say that the lads are paying their dues to their fans, which is a key factor to true success. Okay - rant and sour grape gripe over with.....!

I'll post more pictures once I've edited them, so keep calling back! I was very lucky in that Adam had my name down on the guest list for the show. Tickets were sold within 2 HOURS of release and were arranged through St.Mungo's high school on behalf of the band. So, there was a lot of disappointed family and friends on the drummer and the lead guitarist's side as they attend Larbert and Falkirk  high schools. In a certain sense I'm glad it's all over with as these things rarely run smoothly and the sudden return of the snow was shit timing, too! Next focus will be Casino's next round of the Bulge Band Battle (their site's under construction meantime) but details will be
updated on a regular basis. Phew!

February 17, 2010

A Sneaky Preview

A huge favour from you guys........(here she goes again!).... I have the latest video from Casino that I would like to share with you and get some honest opinions on.

The band was invited to shoot their video in this posh hotel in Dundee as Paul from the band attends university close by. The managing staff were impressed at how well the boys were doing,  (yes, students do have a pint there now and again, via bursery or parental pecuniary aide) and they would be delighted to make the hotel the venue for a future video if they fancied the challenge. A plug for the hotel and an even cheaper video shoot for Casino!! They accepted a few weeks' later.

Set up started at 6.am and filming didn't finish until 10.30pm!  As my son is the drummer, he had a real hard job looking as if  he was hitting the drums PrettyBoy style! Guests were still in bed so he had to tone his stick control down but make it look like the kit was being wellied. The cheeky-faced barman is just one of their mates who accepted the cameo role offer, and this place was happy to let 7 uni students (including film shooter) in a huge function room with fully functioning optics!!  That boosted the ego (as well as the bloodstream) somewhat V.I.P.ish!!

Joking aside, I must add that their official website is undergoing construction and this video won't really be uploaded for official viewing until then, as will new photo's, gigging lists, info,  as well as a brand new song called Lynette. But for you selected few..... here's the latest  CASINO offering. Shadow Company.  As with their other video's - and live shows - they also chuck in that element of fun.. Hope you enjoy it - even if it is only for this one time - but there's a couple more vids from the guys on my sidebar. Would you place a bet on Casino...?

February 06, 2010

Preparation H

The plans and arrangements for PrettyBoy's 21st birthday (on Valentine's Day!) are coming along. I love how the brain-work and the creativity is left to we women to fathom out! Then again, we really DON'T want the men to interfere too much anyhow, so we can use this kind of thing in future slanging matches! Sadly, we left it too late to find a local venue to have it in, as Valentines Day parties are still a big deal these days. To make matters worse, PrettyBoy's mate Chops (who'll be 21 on the 13th!) has a ruptured appendix and had to cancel his celebration abruptly. 

Anyhow, a last minute limo's booked and a surprise tour is on the cards and while he is out and about with his chosen family and friends, (me and the cheaper half not included ) we're going to gatecrash the charity night for half an hour (Adam is having a half-hour set with The Valentines there), drive him there and we'll all (well, nearly all!)  fill wurselves up with cheap booze and then head for home (me carrying the snare and cymbals on route) while the young ones party on in a nightclub, and I blow some balloons and things for his return then celebrate in my favourite style - under the duvet (alone).

My own little pain-in-the-arse is fast becoming a man.