May 31, 2015

And Aqua Promised

Apologies for not being around much - I do try to get a poem popped if I can - life is very hard and hectic at the mo - but I will catch up with you all in a few days........promise!
Stood on the enticing bow
overboard but don't know how

A cooling comfort, tingled skin
aqua waves, immortal sin

Hanging on to flotsam junk
my vain pretences now all sunk

No life vest on, a heart in drought
whose lighthouse beam has just gone out

Still falling, ever falling deep,
chasing that elusive sleep

Saturation, breathing pains
saline reminders, drying veins

Crystal clear comes to my aid,
helps me fuel this this lone cascade 

Floating through a bowl of stars,
night time reflections leaving scars

Midnight ocean, sink me far
however lonesome or bizarre

Just let me wake among the sands,
where Neptune ruled the bedded land.
join in the challenge - Magpie Tales

May 29, 2015

No Hang Ups Then?

Thanks for ruddy nothing, you've done it once again
made me pace outside the theatre like a half demented hen!

Your timekeeping is rubbish, always last out of the door -
said you'd be there for three-thirty now it's almost half past four!

I'm squelching and I'm dripping and my nerves no longer cope
mascara's running down my cheeks, my brolly's lost all hope!

My bag and it's belongings catered for our evening out - 
with sweets and crisps and programmes, tins of lemonade and stout.

Well,  I'm effing off without you, back home to my little pad
whose threshold you won't cross again, it's really rather sad!

So I'm taking off my hat and ring and cozy up inside - 
won't be seen with you nor taken for another ride!

But I'll keep the phone plugged to the wall, the back door just ajar -
mute the sound and maybe listen for the engine of your car

The chocolate must be Belgian, washed down with fizzy drinks - 
the bouquet huge and made up of - apologetic pinks!!!