October 31, 2010

Won't You Come Out Tonight....?

I just had to add this (short) video. You'll smile all the way through! Happy Halloween.......

October 27, 2010


Little mite - tender to the touch.
We laid you down to rest
The sky grey and still, as was your arrival
Silence will never be golden

The days I had planned for us
Mine for the grace of love
Then the light extinguished soon after you appeared
Can you ever show me clemency?

Now I stand at your marred stone
Linger in earth's shadow.
And for the next one hundred years shall I stand
Waiting in the Silent Yard for pardon.

October 25, 2010

Forever Young

The young at heart
Shall never die old
Thousands of stories
There to be told
Living a lifetime but
Dying to see
If the heart and the hand
Will lead them to thee.

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iPodding Well Love Him.......

PrettyBoy has settled into university well. Knuckling down and gaining many female admirers. Commitment to his band and studies stops him from wanting a new girlfriend at the mo' and for a mum that's both comforting and worrying, but I guess the one-night-stand thing hasn't amounted to split hearts or condoms after 4 years so I'm trusting his bouts at the uni bar (where he can afford 3 times as much booze to your average bar) will end in the same fashion if the hormones are raging.

For now, I'm a lucky mum.  He still commutes back for his weekend job where he porters at our local hospital, as so far Glasgow jobs on offer don't pay as well. To be honest, I think he'll miss being a porter. One, for driving the little carts about the place and challenging his mates to a 'race' around the stock rooms and for listening to the gibberish  nonsense the patients come out with after theatre, as he wheels them back to the wards. Because he wears scrubs and ID, some patients reckon he's a doctor. My favourite story was when an old dear around 80 was returning to her ward. She looked at PrettyBoy and said.

"Is it over then.....?"
"That's you" he replied.
"Thank God for that......I'm getting too old for babies!"

He's not entirely sure if she was joking or it was the anaesthetic effect. Either way, he'll miss it. You get really attached to some things, don't you? But he knows he'll be moving out permanently soon. Came back with an iPod for me recently and filled it with all the favourite songs of mine he could remember. I always used to borrow his you see, on my trips to town or London. PrettyBoy is weaning me off gently, until his ultimate move. Softening the blow if you like. And he didn't need a Masters degree to figure that one out. Rossi, I know you're not gonna be that far away, but you're on the scary road to independence and that takes bigger courage than the amount I'm letting on I'll miss you. Go for it, son!

October 16, 2010


She woke up in a dark room
Familiar all the same
It's chink of light, sent a vital invite
As fear was laying it's claim

The outlet had her puzzled
It was far up off the ground
With dimension, shape and depth
To leave a Cartesian profound

How on earth she got here
She's unable to recall
Was she pushed? Did she volunteer?
An accidental fall?

But the outside world above her
Still left it's usual mark
 Motors ticked, and music played
 A dog's excited bark

No-one answered to the cries
She mustered as she fret
Won't some-one ever hear her
In this musty oubliette?

After hours and hours of waiting
The outlet door banged open
And a little man with torch and food
Assessed how she was coping

She was so, so pleased to see him
Her eyes they brightly shone
He smiled and laid the tray down
Pushed some numbers on a phone

Before getting a chance to eat
In this cylindrical fell
He says 'Tell your mum that you're okay
You're being treated well'

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October 09, 2010

October Paths & Fallen Leaves

Your path is the one I walk through the  most
Once I take careful steps as I climb from the boat
There I would falter, there I would shine
As the sun had your shadow stand behind mine.

I'd turn and I'd face you, a breath-taking sight
My funny Helios, my sunny delight
The fire would be roaring, the shack would be warm
Soon in the wood house we'd cook up a storm

You'd play me the song that was written for me
I'd laugh at the words, let your reckoning be
Then I'd help sweep the leaves that had clogged up the path
Soon we'd lazy away in our pine vapour bath

Morning, she came with vigor so hard
Mother was dealing her powerful card.
Leaves would be gone and replaced all with white
Then you'd have to move on by Her seasonal rite

Until next September, my sweet woodland friend
When the greens turn to amber and two hearts transcend
In that rickety boat I'll appear through the mist
In the autumnal weeks will you only subsist
                             Fallen Leaves.........!

Autumn came and Autumn went
Crispy leaves all Heaven sent
Then it rained and soaked the path
Slid and fell right on my ass!
Now leaves were wet upon the ground
All curled and shades of gold and brown
Though careful where I put my shoe
It wasn't leaves but doggy poo!
Autumn came and Autumn went
Crispy leaves all Heaven sent.

October 03, 2010

Magpies and Dances and Rich Cyber Chances

                 Poor Drawn Little Moth
           Just That Glow And That Flicker
                                 Will You Stick Or Singe?


Here's my slightly late Willow Manor dance info. I had it on draft, so have combined it with this week's MT.......

 I recently attended my first ever cyber ball. Willow - Magpie Tales creator - throws a party every year, so despite being tee-total (well, near enough) I thought I would tag along. So my shopping and date went something like this:

The dress I chose in green. It's not a colour I'm overly fond of but it does compliment my strawberry-blonde hair rather well.
I'm not big on bling usually but I'd be having a tug of war over these two - the simple and the rich:

......earrings and bracelets would be similar, also.........
 Shoes -
As I can't wear them in reality, I've gone for a younger style, somewhat strappy and glitzy. Thankfully my long, beautiful gown helped cover any heel wobbles.


I like my bags to be somewhat different - for easy recognition - as I'm always forgetting where I put them. This little number caught my attention:

My date - Australian actor Simon Baker a.k.a: The Mentalist. Well, he'd have to be to date me! That fair hair - those reckless curls - green eyes - sexy smile. I think that Aussie men are the sexiest and funniest in the world. Here's a few pictures of my Australian America-based beauty:
The Drop dead gorgeous one:

The Serious 'I-need-a-shave-one' One:
Before fame, even when he was lying in the gutter, begging, he was gorgeous:

Of course, dating someone who is in the public eye, on and off screen isn't easy, as last year's function events show. The paparazzi and glossy mags never give you peace - it was click, click, click.....everywhere we went!:

Sadly, the pressure got too much and we both parted straight after Willow Ball (him back to his champagne lifestyle and me to earth with a bump!)  I have enjoyed this experience, so thanks to Willow and her amazing imagination! See you next year with a different partner. Oh, this fame game........................