December 21, 2010

Banged Up To Rights....!

Tonight and on Thursday night, my youngest son's band NO NEED FOR IDOLS will be gigging in a woman's jail.  Cornton Vale in Stirling is one of the most 'famous' jails for birds in Scotland.  It has been under public scrutiny many a time, as well as the subject of several television programmes. For what it's worth, the officers and staff work exceptionally hard to rehabilitate. Drug abuse and it's actions is the main cause for conviction there. Of course there are lots of re-offenders.

One of the band's father's is a warder in various correction centers and arranged the gig.  The guys are quite excited about it, and it has boosted interest in their band already. Even bad girls are allowed to appreciate great music. Tonight it's the young offenders that they play for - Thursday it's the 'women'. That should make for an interesting night. Oh, there are so many apt songs that they could have covered but I'll leave that for my Nippy Side.  This is a gesture of goodwill.  Peace on earth and mercy mild. Here's hoping that they keep that in mind while the boy's play (as usual) their finishing song called Walk Away which sadly, is not so easy for some.  Merry Christmas.

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December 16, 2010

Midnight Mass, Beautiful Glass

A believer I was never
An acquaintance I was not
Yet, I sat upon a bench beam
In the same, familiar spot.

I listened to the pastor
From the pulpit looking down
Blessing all attending
From this lax and wayward town.

Soon, little eyes were drooping
Older ones were, too.
The choir it lulled its festive tones
In hearts, the warmth it grew.

Midnight Mass was comfort
Adjoining of the creeds
As neighbours, friends and enemies
Render worthy deeds.

Oddly, every single year
As the aisles started to fill
I'd find myself next to you
The Mother of good will

Stained glass aglow with colour
A mother with her son
Aura's just a wisp of light
Christmas has begun.

A prism's beam it rested
Upon my very sleeve
Spectra seeping through the dank to
Temporarily reprieve.

My Christmas day has started
Sleep it will evade
Colours spoke a million words
Exactly as you said.

December 15, 2010

See?! - Told You He Was Real.....!!

This is my utmost, bestest Christmas photograph.  It shows GingerNut (who's not long  turned 3 in the pic) about to greet Santa.  The big fella has just called out Adam's name to receive his pressie from the nursery.  The wonderment just oozes from that tot expression and the innocence making his little fingers twist awkwardly at his sides.  Could belief be any more apparent?

We still have the present - a jigsaw road track with wind-up car, ambulance and police vehicle - and it won't be GingerNut's again until  he father's his own little one - in perfect working order. Here's hoping he hasn't any lasting memories of that duck shirt and corduroy trousers he was togged in to meet 'ole Santa....!

December 06, 2010

When - The But and Ben

In winter there's a place we go
Forever's Promise made
If the cottage step lay fresh with snow
We keep to what we said.

Snow, in all it's glory
Respecter not of depth
Starts it's own short story
Oh, what secret  it's walls  kept

The But 'n' Ben, in our special glen.
Lets crystal white pervade
Creeps across the mist and fog
To encumber in the glade

Our home, our hearts, where love departs
From spouses we withhold
They taste like winter anyway
Culling in the cold

Our place, our tryst, conjugal heist
A winter hide-away
Heart that bleeds like a divorcee's
Let time wile guilt away

So, now and then, and once again
Suffuse in sparkling whites
The cords of sin, that holds within
Thaws out the wicked nights

I pray for you, I pray for me, I pray for winter's nights
And stellar plates, bullet rose and simple stalagmites.......