March 31, 2013

This Should Crack You Up

Heaven's above!  I've not long returned from town after witnessing some crazy, cockamamie scenes in the seasonal goods aisle of a supermarket.  People were going nuts to nab what remaining chocolate Easter Eggs flitted about the shelves. You know the situation is pretty dire when Kit Kat starts to out number other varieties 10 - 1 and then become a desperate measure itself.   

Over-stretching, tutting, some mild swear words, one proper swear word, stomping on toes etc.  A young chap even popped a finger through the foil to secure himself a purchase!  Thankfully, my sprogs are all fully grown and it's just the odd family few I buy for Now I'm not the most prepared person myself but these eggs have been commercially thrown in our faces since Christmas.

Cavity dread aside, my fondest Easter memory was not the cocoa buzz, but boiling a good old hens' egg, and hand-decorating and/or drawing faces on it!  A huge bunch of we bairns would  take our creations to the park and have rolling competitions down the grassy hillIf your opponents egg was cracked worse, you got the option of peeling and eating it.  You couldn't shit for days but that was eventually counteracted by all the chocolate eggs your family fought over in supermarkets the previous night.

                                     Have a Happy Easter. 


March 29, 2013

No Phoney

I always vowed that I would never get drawn in by active technology entertainment.  The last time I played a video game was Pacman in 1984.  And I was shit!  Since that rudimentary games night, the only time I've held a control pad is to flick through Netflix and even that is effing well confusing to me.

 My sons can spend a fortune downloading and forever ogling 'apps' for their mobile phones, you know the games, puzzles, roulette wheels, photo editing and such codswallop as the bus slips laughingly by.  Unlike them, I don't own a mobile phone.  Go on, gasp with horror. Worry about me as you lay in bed. How on earth will I cope?  How can I possibly feel loved or organised without a text every two minutes?!  What will the consequence of me not letting someone know that it's fish for tea tonight?  Yeah, yeah, they're alright for emergencies, but my survival instincts would be no more beneficial with Stevie Wonder ringtoning to tell me he loves me. I do though, respect the imperativeness to certain lifestyles but I have fun with the looks I get when I announce to members of the public I don't have, need or want one. Moving on........

One afternoon as the family had a rare cuppa together, PrettyBoy asks if I fancied a game from his iPhone 5ivey thing called Akinator.  A lot of you may have this, or heard of this, but for those as fiddly-button challenged as me, it's basically a game involving a Genie who tries to predict any character (real, fictitious, dead, alive, from novels, comics, animated, puppet ect )  you think of and from a series of elimination questions so tries to read your mind in under 30 tries.  It's quite spooky how accurately quick it can come up with the answer.  The more you play, the more you kinda cotton on how this game's train of probability works.  Addictive at first and soon on to determination to think harder for rare characters to beat the Genie.  Good, sweet, bad, evil, it caters for the lot. You normally get a picture of your choice at the end of each probable guess.

Of course, it hasn't prompted me to buy a phone for public pocket play but it has turned me to the online version every now then. It's fun, it really is, and the more you play the more you understand how things interlink. The game's at its best in company.  Now where's that phone book and receiver? I've the intricate job of letting folk know I'm having a few drinks this weekend.  RSVP?

And if you've a spare 5 hours minutes why not give it a go? Akinator

Good Luck! 


March 25, 2013

Minus One

Just a quick fun entry.  Sticking to my first prompt thought  ( however mad, simple, or complex they may be!)  Double trouble. My twin and I!

It was no magic mirror
couldn't get it to reverse
Kept showing me my barnet
in a move so damned diverse

I was checking I was bogie free,
no dandruff in my hair
Or clogged mascara lashes,
is that plook growing some hair?

But my back reflected forward
as I rooted to the ground
I tried a mirror up above
and even then I found

It mattered not a single jot
just wouldn't show my face
So I trusted mother-nature
wouldn't leave me in disgrace

But before I ventured outdoors,
a giggle I did hear
Turned and stood with folded arms -
the answer loud and clear.........

My twin had sneaked in earlier
(the very spit of me!)
And swapped the inside of some frames
with air we breath for free!

Such a pesky doppelganger
with our twisted plots and schemes
But what fun to put upon the world
a double act supreme
Now all my frames and mirrors
are secured so corner tight
As I want to see me as I am
in singular day light!  


March 22, 2013

That Friday Feeling (8)

It's a good feeling're grumpy at the size of washing there to do but cheered up completely when you find a crushed tenner amongst other trouser pocket junk before you load the machine. Haagen Dazs Pralines and Cream, mama's coming for ya!.  


March 20, 2013


I'm ever so excited about visiting me daughtah and son-in-law in London in a couple of weeks' time, the early thrill being that both my sons are able to make it down, too!  The last time we were together visiting their sister was at her wedding.  Back then she was sneaking bottles of beer to PrettyBoy at the reception (he was 14 ) but now both her brothers are of legal drinking and getting-a-round-in age.  Where does the time go?  

 I cried a bit recently, actual tears, fearing how the next year or two may go Ross has finished uni and has moved back home for the time being but it was during Adam's 4 weeks away work commitments that it hit me - the hardest ever kick in the mush - that one day soon I really am gonna be 2 bedrooms spare. I should be celebrating, thinking home-gym and art space, planning longer baths and in the skud tours of my rooms, be cheering smaller piles of ironing and being tobacco and twisted wires free.  But I'm actually quite scared.

I have absolutely no problem as to how I'd fill my spare time.  Creativity is my middle name and boredom rarely comes knocking.    It's hard to believe that can of bathroon mousse may now rust eternally. My family is huge and since childhood I've mostly known busy, congestive mornings and Walton's goodnights.  Bugger.


March 19, 2013


How divine, a deity that sees off myths of death
Keeps greed and vast confession, a veil beneath his breath
A mystic of the universe, a master of your dreams
A coarse and rural empathy that's bursting at the seems

horse would gallop through the wind, with birds with wings of glass
To venture out their driven need to seek sacred morass
Calls from nymphs in revelry, reverberate the ear
His forest's vast creation made to lure some Bona Dea

While darkness wraps the woodlands light and sets free fireflies
The Faun's nightly concoction, of lutes and wine and lies 
Will lure a vessel virgin to a drugged, submissive state
Putting out her blaze of glory, always to interrelate 


March 15, 2013

That's Stalk 'n' Roll

I'm fair enjoying my musical break.  Haven't played the guitar (badly) so much in years.  Some songs chords are being replaced by what ever wants to fit in.  That's what I love about the start 'n' art to song writing - the pieces of paper with scores and scribbles, rude and manic doodles and coffee stains (although I don't drink coffee - they still get there!).

I've been searching hopelessly for one of those noise-activated dancing sunflowers but my town ain't being very kind in my search.  Looks like it'll be an online job, then.  I plan to record a few covers and some of my own crap on guitar - just me, strumming, bumming and humming and stuff , while the sunflower dances joyously along.  He may become suicidal by the time I've juiced him out but that's how it goes when you're a purchase of mine.  All this crap will be shoved - crudely - down my never ending sidebar of stuff no one's interested in but it passes the time -eh?

Hope you're all doing dandy and I'll get back to y'all once my voice box has handed in it's notice.  Toots!

March 05, 2013

Vulgar Saucy Cannon & Co

I just want to give Mrs. Kezley (me)'s  boys a huge GOOD LUCK wish for their upcoming single due to be released  into the Scottish charts in a few weeks.  The record company (titled) have chosen  Now You Feel  - the song that the Daily Record viewed as a potential hit single - for recording after hearing it live at King Tuts.

Today, Ross, Ross and Scott arrived at the studio for the first stage of recording before Paul and the final Ross join the tedious temperaments of the next stages later on this week.

The guys have made a brilliant job of sweeping across the central belt but it's in Edinburgh, however, where they've played fewer gigs, that the main promotion of the single will start.  Bus stops, halls, business premises etc, will be hosting posters as internet and radio do their funky stuff !  It'll appear in the old sidebar and blog one day. It's only fair that someday you should feel it too!

March 04, 2013

Seeping In

You drench me in the sunshine
Saturate me in the hall
Shower down on little things
Hail me when I fall

Tidal wave our frequencies
Bucket down on blues
As spiral floods run down me
Seeping through my shoes

Spitting when I'm sleeping
Pouring when I rise
Monsoons our destination
In misty cheap disguise

Ceiling hosting storm clouds
Wardrobes fit to burst
I pray this waterfall of mine
Shall never quench my thirst.....


March 01, 2013

©......Bunny Sock Fluff.....©

Found this piece of sock lining amongst the regular carpet crap while hoovering earlier on. Looks  like the guys just might have their Playboy bit of  Fluff  at  last........!