December 24, 2009

Christmas Cheer & Tents and Beer!

This month has been a really busy one, what with the invites to elite music parties and showbiz dances. Well, trying to get my daughter's jumper knitted in time for her birthday on Hogmanay mainly but at least she REALLY gets celeb invites to parties! It'll be the first New Year that Kerri and James won't be making it up to Scotland for so I'm a bit sad at that. I do have my sons' gig's on the 27th and 2nd Jan to help me through.

Casino, with Val Verde, are playing at King Tuts in Glasgow. This is their main venue they've nabbed and the most sought after stage for unsigned bands in Scotland as promoters often select some for the Tuts' local talent tents at T in The Park. Sadly, No Need For Idols are too young at 15 & 16 for appearance there as the plan was to get them to support Casino! Anyhow - I promised a few links (and a few phone numbers!) for a few of my (younger) facebook mates who read this guff! Have a wonderful Xmas everyone.....I'm off to blow up a palm tree...........!

December 16, 2009

Bottom's Up - Every December 24th.....!

For around 15 years now, our family has kept to a strict ritual.  Every Christmas Eve we must watch a certain Christmas video and usually all together as a family.  If circumstance parts us (only once so far!) we must seek refuge and watch the video somehow, anyhow. This is our family tradition.

Since the 80's I have adored comedian's Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson.  British readers will no doubt know who I'm banging on about. But it's their 90's sitcom Bottom  where they partake as two 30-something society misfits that I've enjoyed the most. We made a pact all those years ago to watch the Holy episode every Xmas Eve come what may.  It then spread out to every birthday and at Halloween, too, as these topics are covered in their series'. So I'll leave with just a couple of minutes' worth of the lads in their seasonal episode. And trust me - we know every word. Merry Christmas everyone.

December 09, 2009

Ma Other Boayz....Here We Go....(again!)

I sit here with a busting heart and bags under my bloodshot eyes and I've never felt better! Last night Adam's band No Need For Idols won it's place in the Rock The Talk, senior high schools' Battle Of The Bands project final to be held in Glasgow's own Barrowlands venue on Feb 24th next year.

The boys were amazing. Oliver (or 'Clothes Off' as I nickname him!) and Adam have been best friends since primary school and to watch them perform as handsome young men in an extremely talented band was one of the biggest high's I've had.

Three mums of the group members showed up. Standing on seats, elbowing teenagers aside and jumping along with the teens' fans as the band delivered was nothing new to me but we group hugged and jumped at the verdict and as we did, Callum's (bass guitar) mum and I were exchanging 'please to meet you's'. It  beat a handshake, that's for sure! She also invited all we mum's us to her house after Xmas to get to know each other better, to cement our friendship before the finals!

And to fuel my high even more the organisers asked my older son, whose previous band The Valentines, won the BOTB competition 3 years ago, if the boys would reform again for a one off show at the end of the final. Despite the lads moving on to other pastures, it seemed they left a lasting effect with those involved in the project.

I'll leave a few of my shitty fujifilm pictures until the website uploads the bands' acts. Who needs idols? We do!