June 29, 2009

Ordinary( Kinda) Days....1

I couldn't sleep for the heat, so had to rise early! On reaching the kitchen I discovered I had run out of teabags, so denial of my morning caffeine supply to the brain almost put me in resus, until I heard *Casanova, my younger cat, at the back door. Greeted by him and a pile of mush that used to be a fledgling of some sort, I scooped up the feathery remains and gave it a quick council disposal funeral (bucket) to the tune of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" in the background. I shouted at the cat, then the radio and tried to calm myself down with a chilled coke.

Shortly after my son ,Ross, came down scratching his clackerbag and head at the same time, moaned that there was no clean boxers in his drawer. My answer of "Why don't you just keep your meantime ones on for a week then examine the contents under the microscope..." was met by a "It's my last fucking day at college" reply (of which I'm still unable to decipher) so I went back into mum mode, sighed, got him a pair but failed to tell the vain, good looking git that he had a bogie on show on his way out later.

I crashed out and had a good laugh at some daytime television (Jeremy Kyle), finally got my PG Tips fix, did some paperwork extremely badly and planted some sunflowers out in the garden. Tried to scrub off the remainder of the message that my younger son spray-painted on the fence in December with that ' easy wipe-off spray stuff ' ...failed at that, so tried to paint over it with wood preserve, but it just illuminated it all the more! It's now June and my neighbours are still being wished 'A Merry Christmas from Adam' . But hey, the sun was shining, my son passed his college courses, and my older cat managed to bite his bullying younger companion on the ear, so all in all, not a bad day.

*the cat's real name is in fact Boaby, but he's been given that nickname on account that despite neutering, (castrated) he's still sniffing after the female cats. Dirty little git! Oh, well at least I know he's not populating the neighbourhood. God know how much CSA money he owes from last year...!!