July 29, 2012

◙ The Censor ◙

You saw it too, right?
In the mean sodium light -
that demon or freak in the rays?
To spawn me with birthmark,
gunfire from the sweet lark
Forever entoiled in this haze

You heard it though, boy?
That pitch to the decoy -
luring us into our crime
Pickling our senses,
forced over sharp fences
Jocund and into the sublime

You felt it too, friend?
The hard, bitter night's end -
striping day's light across sky
Where we're not understood,
hiding face into hood
As the other me challenges why

You tasted it too, huh?
The fear of another -
as city growls out it's debate
Antecedent evenings,
for acolyte's feeding
Young veins and young pupils dilate

You caught the scent, Bud?
An oncoming flash flood -
windowshoppers in their street attire
Shines the lies of the rich,
with a bitch of an itch
Smithereen hopes and no chance ceasefire

July 27, 2012

The Hey-Ho-Lympics

From all the competitive challenges over the next 17 days, only a few will cater to my Olympi-likings:

~ Gymnastics ~ (female only) 

~ Synchronized Swimming ~ (which is women only anyhow)

~ Equestrian ~ female riders only.

~ High Diving ~ (women's - but don't mind the occasional bloke-dive)

I'm not being deliberately sexist here, I merely find the female of the species naturally attunes to such events far more artistically than that of their testosterone counterparts.   I suppose it's down to grace and a taste, that divides the line for me.

Anyhow, keeping on track * groan*, I'm dying to see our Olympics Opening Ceremony.  Beijing's was astounding in 2008 and if Britain is wanting to equal or top it, then they better HAD bring it about via the rumours hopping from tabloid to tabloid. But dancers, prancers, fireworks and massive groups of entertaining youths with flags is a must.

One other aspect of the British madness right now, is the cost of erecting 17 (last minute) sandstone boulders, sitting on top of 8ft high steel poles. This is in association with where the Olympic Sailing Events will take place (in Dorset) and a marshy field is 'hosting' the sculpture.  This has cost the taxpayer £335,000 which, needless to say, has angered the public given our economic meltdown.  Government uses this halfhearted attempt to try to convince us it's mainly been lottery tickets sales and direct arts councils that has funded this future 'landmark'. 

 A mystery guest will be settling the torches' final journey flame for the next 17 days.  So, I would be mega delighted if that important flame to start the games was lit by my biggest heroine, the little Olympian Goddess of all time:


July 23, 2012

The Da Pinci Mode

The gasp around the gallery
sent the artist into orbit
What those bristles couldn't paint
from coloured oils and sorbates.

The lick that kicked the end of lines,
Bolds that battled blues
Spending admiration time
and holding up the queue's.

Wine was served with cinnamon,
to tantalize the tongue
And onwards went the whole shebang,
as aesthetic arms were flung!

This dark and late edition,
was the killer of the show
The price rose like a whore's skirt - 
as far as it could go!

A cheque for half a million??
The closure of the night!
This was the greatest art success
sold under fierce arc light.

The buzz soared through his veins now,
he craved another sale
Made a phone call to his sibling,
badly needing to prevail.

"I'd love another painting, sis!
Can Lucy do the deed?
I'd collect it after twelve.....
another fortune guaranteed!"

"Well, dear brother, we're in luck -
it's back to nursery tomorrow.
I think she'd spare another 'pixcha'
for her Uncle Len to borrow!" 


July 20, 2012

That Friday Feeling (4)

It's a good feeling when.......your sister-in-law's 'trusty' old dial bathroom scales read 7 pounds lighter than your own 'obviously faulty' digital ones!


July 15, 2012

Widow's Watch

Far from hope and sanity, the bedraggled widow watches
Wondered now where comfort lies,  whose bedpost's next for notches

Didn't they all tell her that the sun shone just for them?
Sparks flying from volcanoes, pretty prisms from her gems

Catch a winner, smile for lenses, pretty in her pink
Not as cruel and heartless as the mourners like to think

 Her smile and touch felt genuine, a presence so proud of
Not an inkling, ever showing her incapable of love

But she kept most of her promises, was faithful and complete
Earned her marriage title, through the simplest of deceit

Yet, the clock was sighing verily, the end was drawing near
Nursing wife in silk and satins, contentment in his twilight years

Perhaps it wouldn't take too long, for the phone to carry care
From widowers reminding her that they'll always be there.

 I was delighted to see a Jack Vettriano picture prompt.  The artist took a keen interest in my friend Linda's dog, Alexandra Goldendoodle,  (whom she is training for the Canine Partners for Scotland charity)  at a  function in Glasgow.  Jack happily posed with Alexandra for a snap and is now in an album with the shaggy heroine with loads of other celebrities - including my son - who have been asked to pose with the wonderdog to help boost charity funds.
Alexandra Goldendoodle with Jack and with Adam  - his biggest fan as you can see!   LoL




July 11, 2012

Hotel Windia........!

It giveths me great pleasure to announce that my older son's (PrettyBoy)'s band Hotel India have been nominated for a Scottish New Music Award in the Alternate/Indie category.

It was a bit of a shock for the guys at first as there was the mystery as to who actually entered them to begin with.   But their recent EP (sent out to various record companies) delighted the ears of a certain someone in the industry and next thing they knew they were finalists!  It is a public voting system that determines the winners so fingers crossed.  Hotel India are simply delighted to be associated with the competition whatever the outcome.

The strength of the position came after the release of their latest video Black Eyes which has received the highest amount of both recorded and live acclaim.  This comes from a band that more than pays its dues to its residents (fans!) and has bucket-loads more creativity to give.   They now also have accepted the offer from  20 Rocks'  owner and music associate to become their manager.   They kick off this Friday with a gig at the venue!   It should be more than enough to cheer us up from this constant jet stream!  You'd be pushed to dampen a resident's spirits anyhow!
 I will start needling you all for votes in a future post but for now, I leave you with a picture of Scott, the band's cheeky-chappie bassist, holding, proudly, the finalist certificate!

July 05, 2012

Two Camels and She's Yours........

My beautiful and wacky daughter and her hubby are off for a fortnight's holiday to Morocco.  Her surgery will probably miss her for the two week's - or probably not.  Just to refresh, Kerri is an RDN (among other things) at a mainly cosmetic dental surgery in Buckinghamshire and a phone call to me one bored dinner break went something like this:

 "Hi, mum.  Thought I'd give you a call on my dinner break, I'm eating in, it's raining."

"What's that whizzing, Kek, I thought you had no patients over lunch?"

'I don't - I'm just trimming a piece of wallpaper with the drill - you know those middle trim pattern things - not quite even"

I continue my yapping when I hear a slurping sound.

'Kerri is that the saliva suction I hear..?

'Just clearing my sinuses, mum...'

'You grotty child...'

Suction continues in background.

'I can still hear the whoosy noise!'

'Fly's just come into the room, I'm trying to suck it dead'

I continue my mundane conversation and the next thing I hear little chippy noises.  

'What are you up to now, kiddo....?'

'Rolled some luting cement into little balls and I'm trying to ping them into spit cups, mum.....it's fun!'

And so the remainder of our conversation had little interruptions for the next 10 mins.

 The staff at her practice nickname her 'Matron' as she's a bossy cow, and likes her surgery just so. She blows up gloves and does chicken impressions for scared kiddies.  She's run open days at the surgery on weekends and sacrificed many a Saturday in between to help out, as they get the odd celebrity patient in.

  On return from her holiday, she'll tut and moan as the the temp that takes her place will have things in other places.  But she's still the biggest asset that surgery has. I burst with pride when I read the plaque she was awarded and all the patient comments that go with it.  But, where that apparatus-abuse comes from, I don't know!  It's not like I ever took her or her siblings to McDonalds and played 'Karate Chop' with the french-fries or anything...........


July 01, 2012


Lily white steps light and into the night,
drawing on senses that be
Could a lesson be learned in the dankest of air,
while the stars make a beckoning sea

Too open and gracious, the grounds of the land,
this transgression of fortified lives
Cawing rooks fly taking secrets with them, 
past the pond where illusiveness thrives

Yet, each day, a scene from the battered armchair,
or in echoes of velvet and lights
Same old story with similar ending,
to finish off her and her knights

The pool, with it's crystal reflection,
absorbs sorrow to give it a boost
A triple nod ripple, then swirling -
and a petal-spread vortex induced

But she won't grab the hand she is offered,
nor look herself straight in the eye
Clarity often takes strength to permit,
what you can't see in front of your eyes.