November 28, 2010

Mammy's Ba Ba Has Gone

I hope you don't mind me adding this via Magpie also.  I've not been around for a few days. My best fwiend died in my arms on Tueday night, you see. At 11.40 precisely. I still have a best friend, but my cat, Simon was my best fwiend.

Simon had been with us for almost 10 years.  Somebody, after 7/8 years (the vet's calculation at his age back then) had dumped him in a box near a local river's bridge. It's quite baffling really, as he'd obviously been around kids before and was in good health. It makes you both want to throttle the owners for doing so, but as cruel as it was, it brought Simon to us. And I'm so so grateful to have shared all these years with him.

He wasn't like your avarage cat. Simon 'spoke'  to you.  He meowed like buggery to get your attention, especially a 'good morning' or a 'your home now' acknowledgment. We could ask him anything, and he'd pause before answering. He could even sing Happy Birthday...... It was funny and entertaining to visitors. And he was anybody's friend. Every Christmas he delivered the neighbours' card with me. Followed me. Annoying kid or not. But he never got quite as close to our younger rescue cat, Boaby as we'd hoped.  He tolerated and avoided him most of the time. They would, however, join forces to get rid of any invading cats in their territory but the affection never grew. He learned the little 'un a lot, though.

My daughter, Kerri, annoyed the living daylights out of Simon on her visits. Made him sniff lemon skin, a ping to the nose, tickling his ear hair as he slept, and even putting headphones on him! Yet he STILL chose to go lie on her lap over and over again! I couldn't begin to list all the fun times. There's so many, but you will see for yourselves from the pics (and that's just a fraction to how many snaps I've taken ).

My two fondest memories with Simon was his first ever snowfall. He loved the snow. Bounded about in it like a spring lamb, on all fours. He dived for snowballs that Adam threw in the air. Really quite bizarre. But that was my Simon. Slept soundly next to me while I caterwauled on my guitar, too.  Bless his little kitty sox.

He did have a favourite, though. He loved GingerNut to pieces. Made the biggest fuss whenever Adam got home. Licked his ear during cuddles even. Near the end, his condition made him blind, yet he still knew when the boys were home from college and uni. Keeping his day as normal as possible. And even more admirable was the fact that despite being totally blind, he remained as clean as he could. Still wanted to do his duties outside on the soil and cover it up. It was quite a heart-breaking end to such a loyal and loved cat. He tried his best to readjust. Was walking into walls and furniture and things. Gee, we used to laugh at him doing that on catnip...! Oh, how compassion turns the deed.

Not just I, but we as a family, loved him more than any other pet we've had. While laying him to rest in his grave at the top of our garden, it was the men who cried the hardest. Them that made the headstone for the grave. Them that chose the shrub to flourish above him. Mammy's boay. He loved, shopping, Tuesdays, raw turkey, hiding and Adam. I know, but it makes sense to him........

November 17, 2010

Stood Still

You stood for lorn against the wall
in the age of water and oils.
Saw time expand, mellow and grand
as you 'tocked your outer toils.

Speechless, though a talking point
to everyone who entered.
Mahogany with golden trim
gracefully you tenured.

A solid base that held you still
proudly and erect.
Yet ticked away your own demise
oblique, willful neglect.

For all the eyes you catered for
and all the ears that listened.
Anointed with a soothing base
denied your right to glisten.

For who cares for a time piece
that calls past Centuries? 
Not quite fitting in a plan
with adequate degree

You stood there proudly serving
till the young hereditary
Chose digital and lazer beams
domestical contrary.

Alas you wait with artifact
collections in the attic.
To be destroyed, nil and void,

Farewell my timeless beauty,
finite in its clutch.
Oh, the stories you could tell
without hands or Newtons touch

November 15, 2010


Here is Casino (my older son's band) with their new single, Starlight. It still has to be mixed and mastered yet, but this one's a catchy little number. The boys are working hard to get their next recording complete and polished so there will be another single (Hey Fella) up with this one for their fans in time for Xmas.

This recording has been made by me via a shit Fujifilm camera (and my very 'steady' hold in front of the monitor screen) and a random bunch of gig, home and fun pics with the band members. I've added the lyrics as the recording is a little muffled at bits. Enjoy.......

Stalight Unmixed

Helen | Myspace Video

I saw her at the Starlight
That place where the people go.
Don't remember much of that night
I was way up high, she was down low.
I took her up to my hide
I asked "are you okay?" and she said 'no'.
I could see that she was tongue-tied,
Tighter than the string on Cupid's bo-ow-ow-ow-ow.

I hit her with my best lines
Tried to crack the wall, but I couldn't get through.
She let out a deep sigh
I said "I'll leave right now, it's up to you".
She pushed me to a quiet place
Away from the beaten track.
And every change on her face
With all these coughs and sighs, should I turn ba-a-a-a-ack.

# Is she a friend to me..?
Is the enemy, yeah, yeah
Is she the friend to me....?
Is she the enemy, yeah, yeah
Is she a friend to me...?
Is she the enemy, yeah, yeah

I saw her in the daylight
The though it crossed my mind to catch her eye
I could see I wasn't her type.
She looked me up and down and walked on by.
As for all the things that she said
She wasn't quite as plain as you can see
What was going on in her head
Was she the friend or the enemy

#Is she a friend to me
Is she the enemy, yeah, yeah
Is she a friend to me
Is the enemy, yeah, yeah.
Is she a friend to me
Is she the enemy, yeah, yeah..........blah, blah, blah.....

November 11, 2010

One And The Same

              Facsimile made       
          Leave the physical untouched
              As mind's Manifold

November 06, 2010

That Damned Rooster......

This week's prompt took me straight back to a day out with the kids when they were small. This rooster-like bird kept chasing me, blessed thing. All I can assume is it was jealous of my hair or something. Anyhow, here's the Magpie. Remember to look for the Magpie link on my sidebar if you fancy joining in......

We once went to a farm yard park
To pass away the day
Let the children feed our furry friends
With pellets, fruit and hay

I enjoyed the country smell and noise
The little lambs and ducks
Till a feathered git, drew eyes like slits
Didn't give a flying f-hoot.

I remember that mad rooster
Hackled feathers all aglow
Took an instant hatred to me
Reason..? Well, I'll never know.

Ran like crazy straight towards me
As I sat upon a bench
Squawking like a maniac
In cock-a-doodle French.

He took offense at my new shoes
Stabbed with quick sharp pecks
And popped his head right up my skirt
Could have wrung it's scrawny neck...!

I tried in vain to shoo him
But his sights were set on me
Everywhere the lady ran
Around the grass and trees......

I swore and shouted at the pest
To leave me well alone
There were better things to peck at
I was merely skin and bone

I threw it corn, I threw the shoe
Refrained him not a jot
He was Hell bent on pursuing me
I had had my blummin' lot!

So I quickly gathered up the kids
(Who were laughing at my fear)
And shouted out quite fretfully
'Get me away from here...!'

I ran into the gift shop
The rooster kept it's distance
It won the battle, I was gone
Away from it's persistence

And ever since that awful day
The meals I've liked the most
Are the ones with lots of gravy
For a massive chicken roast.....