March 29, 2015

Familiar Steps

       The prompt looks similar to my own town, so I took things from there (we're mostly well behaved) but I'm referring to street night life in towns all over. 

'Come unto me', the borough sighs,
amid the air its streets supplies
Offering a multitude 
of promises, the night exudes

Cobbles making ankles twist,  
shines sequins dresses through the mist 
Ladies dominate the clubs
and smirks at all the men she snubs 

Venues oozing pitchy beats
while skin and speakers overheat
Euphoric verse from local bands
as strangers hold each other's hands 

A blind spot found to consummate
that pent up vibe hormones equate
No safety sake and such like sins
watched over by store mannequins 

Alternate night life rarely sought, 
where armies ran and soldiers fought
Replaced by battles outside bars, 
the rush of trains and midnight cars

Homeward boundings of the younger
slaves to mashed heads and false hunger
Statue crowned with traffic cone
whose iron heart has turned to stone

Unmarked cop cars cruise along
preserving peace and drunken song
Until the city's whisper ends
preparing for its deepest cleanse

And in the morning, bang on six, 
the scars of late post-teenage kicks
are strewn like litter on the breeze 
contagious and desired disease

Noise and clutter reign again
business cards and fools campaign
In my town there, familiar screams
till evening's bursting at the seams


Ordinary (Kinda) Days 9

It has, at last, been weather-able to spend some time out in the garden.  Just a general tidy up as it's a bit too early for The Cheaper Half to plant his seedlings and stuff.   Anyhow, seeing as it was the week-end, before my mucky duties, I opened a bottle of Chianti  11.30 am latish afternoon to help kick-start things off.  

Our poor back garden fence has been crying out for a lick of lacquer for yonks and today I answered it's poor needs. I was creosoting along quite the thing until coat number two and there before one was a message, glowing fairly brightly, wishing our neighbours  'A Happy Christmas From Adam'.  Somehow the greeting that PeaPod wrote on the fence with snow-spray stuff years ago had illuminated.  That giving hubby something else to moan about, my futile attempt to part-cheer and part-seduce by means of a washing pole-dance failed miserably.  Trying to kid my body into thinking it was 20 years slinkier saw me hitting my foot off our nearby strawberry fence in mid swing and resulted in me landing on my arse and squashing some new strawb plants.  Boy am I in the gardening bad books!

To make matters worse - while tidying our front garden - we got captured in conversation with the one neighbour in the street the the rest of us try to avoid. God, this woman can yap for ages about utter, utter tripe.  Before long she puts you into a dialetic coma.  Edging away from her is no good as she just raises her voice!  Talk about buckets of shit and whisks - she seems to knoweveryone's business. We do have the ''there's somebody on the phone''  trick down to a fine art if PeaPod is home!

In a jollier stunt this week, we did get quite a good view of the eclispe.  We saw it quite by chance on route to our GP with old misery guuts here.  Daylight did gear off a bit and looking to the sun (without glasses) there was a very defined slice of sun and moon.  It only lasted around 30 secs but it was fairly spooky when the sun path in the distance come rushing back towards us. I almost expected to float....! 

I was somewhat intrigued by the re-burial of Kind Richard III on the news.  It seemed emotional for some during the service and I did comply with the minute's silence.  His new resting place is now Leicester Cathedral as opposed to the Leicster car park they say he was found under.  It's all good and respectful like, but I'm finding it a bit difficult to believe.  I mean - you never even got cars, never mind car parks in medieval times.  How easy is it to lose a King in the first place?  Rule Britannia my arse!

Rounding off the week - my older son managed a visit with his brother at home, and seeing them out the back having a kick about was very heartwarming.  I usually take snaps of such rareties but unfortunately my camera battery charger is lost and I've not replaced it as yet.  Just as well I'm a talented artist and managed to sketch a picture from memory. Here's *hiccup* to the next O(K)D.........

March 24, 2015

♥ - Woody Woody Wuv Hearts - ♥

                                                                                 Kept things simple and silly this week!
Still standing there, that rugged tree
adopted by both you and me

we watched the world from way up high
all love 'n' stuff  into the sky

our perfect hide-away from school
playing both the owl and fool

a knight clad in maroon and grey
you stole my very soul away

just off that homebound shaded path
we kissed, we climbed, we sung, we laughed

catching leaves that fluttered down
you twisted them into a crown

for I became your wood princess
all floaty in my week-end dress

fading then regaining shoots
deciduous  from hair to roots

with careful chips we carved our heart
the time had come now to impart

it meant so much, so much to me
us spending time around that tree........................................

adult years now bring me back
retracing steps and stirring tracks  

announced yet in the here and now
amid the blossom, bark and bows

an arrow thwacked and cutting through 
initials joining me and you

a solid tree destined to last
oh, how these years have whizzed by fast

my first true love, my heart's big deal
oh how I wished that you were real 

March 19, 2015

Streets Petite

Just a rushed job from me this week - mind went into cantbearseditis and stated there tonight - I may return tomorrow to edit. This is fairly shitty!  

A patriarchal landmark traditional and tight
  not obsolete nor populous just sweetnesses and light 

Little village luring, with a wry historic smile
  cobbles, gaols  and folklore to both frighten and beguile, 

Curves along with character, mysterious and proud,  
  always something happening but very seldom loud

Gulls a constant nightmare with their daring swoops and pecks
  shops and public houses gain the utmost of respect

Floral scents and sea foods, pastries and parfait
  a potent breath of yesteryear for you to take away 

Houses thatched and steadfast, reach the roof edge as you stand
  streets' adjacent windows sees the neighbour's holding hands

The huge protecting steeple guarding all within it's view
  counts more visitors than residents forever held in lieu

Return for pure perfection never-tainted souvenirs
  a whisper venerating for the whole wide world to hear

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March 05, 2015

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

Please remember to put a note on the shopping board to say we've run out of shampoo and conditioner.  Washing machine liquid pouches do a pretty shit job of untangling bedraggled manes.......


March 03, 2015

Froth Off

Nein! Nein! Nein!  It's bathtub time
    should cleanse the guilty and sublime

Staring, daring in the raw to
   bubble up within Grimm's law

Praying, staring at the door
   the slightest noise one can't ignore

Eva's razor left behind, no Braun
    to make sure her blades glide

Dirty, flirty boots to clean
   a fuhrer's passion so pristine

Quelling, smelling, edelwiess
    few words said but so concise

Actor, factor, years to come
   secrets washed with bath ring scum

Nein Nein Nein!  It's bathtub time
    be careful with that dirt and grime

Hates, berates each finest hour
    refuse his offer of a shower.............................