May 31, 2015

And Aqua Promised

Apologies for not being around much - I do try to get a poem popped if I can - life is very hard and hectic at the mo - but I will catch up with you all in a few days........promise!
Stood on the enticing bow
overboard but don't know how

A cooling comfort, tingled skin
aqua waves, immortal sin

Hanging on to flotsam junk
my vain pretences now all sunk

No life vest on, a heart in drought
whose lighthouse beam has just gone out

Still falling, ever falling deep,
chasing that elusive sleep

Saturation, breathing pains
saline reminders, drying veins

Crystal clear comes to my aid,
helps me fuel this this lone cascade 

Floating through a bowl of stars,
night time reflections leaving scars

Midnight ocean, sink me far
however lonesome or bizarre

Just let me wake among the sands,
where Neptune ruled the bedded land.
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Jon said...

Your poem has perfectly captured my feelings of a helpless freefall.
Life is indeed hard and hectic......

De Jackson said...

Ohhhh. This is haunting. Especially love this:
"Midnight ocean, sink me far" ...a mantra.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful way to capture the photo

Berowne said...

Rhyming elegance...

Unknown said...

Very nice!

Deepa said...

You have put it beautifully

Deepa said...

You have put it beautifully

Deepa said...

You have put it beautifully

rel said...

Depth of emotion profound as the ocean deep.
unsuppressed talent.

Helena said...

Hey Jon! Thanks for the comment - I think my poem reflects a bit of how I'm feeling right now, too. I'm usually a humorous poet.....

Helena said...

Hi there De - mantra's all there, I guess!

Cheers cat-tails......I love star filled oceans - loe to see it for real some day!

Sweet Berowne - always the gentleman. Thanks for popping over!

Elena - and yours, also....♥

DEE DEE - Thrice, I'll be giving me a big'm always re-posting and not knowing!

Rel - that's mighty sweet of you!

Kathe W. said...

elegantly written...but oh so sad.

Lolamouse said...

One of my worst fears is drowning. This was beautifully written but so eerie! Remember those life vests!

Gail said...

Wonderful poem or a wonderfully written sad poem...

Strummed Words said...

Nice dream piece! The reality is too harsh!

kaykuala said...

Things can be off tangent in many instances. Just can't be helped! Thoughtful take Helena!


Kutamun said...

Thanks for transporting me beneath the inky waves ....

SuyashJ said...

i so figure with this

Anonymous said...

like a dream !

Rashmi Karthik said...

I loved the lines:) I am glad to find your blog. Good read!

21 Wits said...

Your words spill across the lines like golden apples.....their seeds spreading, endlessly.

Theresa Milstein said...

Interesting picture manipulation.
I'm always impressed when people try rhyme.

Tess Kincaid said...

Clever and lovely...overboard and don't know how made me smile...

Helen said...

Likewise, my dear ~~ we both ventured from usual poetry styles with recent efforts ~~ yours is a treat.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful and clever end rhymes, reminds me freefall :D

Bekkie Sanchez said...

A cool and wondrous dream Helena! I too, have been absent because of offline difficulties. Hang in there we all are! Big hug!

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