April 28, 2011


Many times they told me
you were just a cheap illusion
I, absorbed in full blown colour
Interprismatic seclusion

Just mirrors giving precedence to
sequins, beads and shines 
Amass, a mixture calling,
silent crystalized designs

Such a simple little cannister
bejewelled and constrained.
In just one twist, you'll never see 
such symmetry again

Continually changing
in this world where all  reflects.
Kaleidescope take me away
from all at which I'm vexed

My simple little charmer,
hoarder of hypnotic lure.
Master of the elongated wink,
optic guider of the tour

April 24, 2011

I've Not 'Pied For Maggie For Migi......

I haven't had much time this past week or so, to deposit an entry in to Magpie Tales. My twin sister, Margaret, (Migi) is visiting with her daughter, Layla, tying up loose ends and securing plans for their permanent move back to Scotland in around 6 weeks. The time in between has been spent on yapping, drinking, tea, takeaway, yapping, drinking tea, and yapping, drinking and a catchup via facebook ect, to see how old work, school and neighbouring friends are faring.

For 26 years she has lived in London but recently divorced. Her older son, Ashley, 18, is touring with his classical music post. Layla wants to finish her schooling in Scotland, as the education system up here caters for her future plans better than her current London ones do. And me....? I'll get my twin (and a whole new wardrobe to borrow from) back. Fair do's........

April 15, 2011

Get To 'F'

Every Friday I search for a picture subject focusing on the letter 'F'. This week's F-ing find.....Food (literalisms).  Anyone wanting the recipes just give me a shout!

 ........a bit on the nippy side..!

                                       Turban optional...............!    


April 11, 2011

So You Bloody Said

What was the point? Going over old rope, over the same critique's from him and expectations from her? Over a nice bottle of red, he said. When they both knew they were done.

She never liked red, anyhow.  Gave her heartburn and not the crisp, flutter of intoxicating white. Her likeable friend who got her giddy without side effects. Thank goodness she had a friend waiting for her with it's chilled coat on. So there they sat across the table - white versus red. His next move now scuppered. 

A nippy little line cracked the edge of her glass, making her lip bleed. A droplet of blood tainted the white and with narrowed eyes he smirked at her.  Perhaps she'd not made herself clear. His glass of red went over him, in a beauty of a splat as well, and the white followed seconds after. Well, they do say that white wine helps to rid a red wine stain, don't they...?  It did the trick. Nicely. And the troublesome blot cleared off his Mercedes Benz.

Next day,  she ordered a whole rack of the white, amiable stuff and sipped a glass as she surfed.  Dating agencies were so vast these days. But she was picky. Profile's had to meet her distinct approval.  She stopped on Doug. Seemed a nice fellow and he had the perfect likings. A red wine lover most of all. Click!