August 16, 2010

Rust Or Bust....(and Kerri's A Must!)

It's such a wondrous feeling - holding baby to the breast.
Soothing and assuring, when the the little one protests.
Mother Nature visited and she bestowed on me
Two human-dairy hills of flesh, all filled-up for free!

The milk rushed through in mighty flow, my boobs a-heaving mounds!
Baby suckled happily - until one day I'd found....!
The liquid looked like milk-shake - a kind of peachy-pink
My God! My baby!?  What on earth - is this stuff safe to drink..?

So, I called my midwife right away, expressing sheer alarm
But she calmed me as I calmed my daughter, wriggling in my arms.
Just a case of rusty piping  (at the let-down reflex bit!)
It's a rare but safe occurrence (and I felt a proper tit!).

Alas, my baby settled and I had a little laugh
Decided I would treat myself and have a frothy bath!
But I heard a rattly, jutting sound a-coming from below.
The water? It refused to run and I sighed a huge "Oh, no!"

The piping it was rusted, the screw threads worn away
When the water ran, a shade of tan, it finished off my day!
I turned off the taps, and then I lapsed into some futile humming
What a day, I'd had enough -  of boobs and tricky plumbing!

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Today, I received a letter from my wonderful, daughter Kerri (KrazyKek). Enclosed was a newsletter from her work, including an article she wrote on  invaluable Dental Nurses. She herself is an R.D.N. (state-registered) and a wonderful attribute to her profession.
     At 12, Kerri needed braces and the usual taunts were shouted her way from other children (as life goes). Jaws. Metal Mouth. Iron Maiden. That sort of thing. Thankfully, she's always had a great constitution and could tongue-whip them back with a vengeance. But the experience pretty much mapped out her future career. She vowed to be in dentistry somehow when she was older, mainly to support other children that needed braces, too! Nowadays it is quite hip to have braces and there are all types of gems that can be added to them for funky fun! Attitudes to dental work is changing. But she's right - we would all be stuffed without Kerri's.
    She doesn't like me bragging about her, but that's tough. Here's her picture and article: She's second from the left in the photo! Remember to click for the bigger pic!

In the past (over 10 years), I've tried to visit her surgery as much as possible, just to get a feel of her. I remember my first visit. There was an article up in frame in the waiting room from a woman who'd had cosmetic surgery and the results were amazing. She commended Kerri highly and I was proud to read those words. Kerri's responce? "All in a day's work, Mum!" Or, to her, no big deal, but I was sooooo proud.  I even needed her services first hand when I had some dental trouble on one of my visits! I tried to be brave for her sake and vice-versa but later we admitted we were both shitting ourselves. It was the first time she ever felt nervous with a patient.  Mummy's blood and pain, you see! Bless her!
              What I admire the most in her, is her ease and attitude, especially with children and old biddies.  If a kiddy is nervous or a bit overwhelmed, she'll get a glove and blow it up, pop the inflated fingers on top of her head and cluck like a chicken, or draw eyes either side and make it into a fish!  Nine times out of ten she gets a smile or giggle from them and it's not so bad.
         She's nicknamed 'Matron' from her dental partner, Andy. Runs a very tight ship and hates if temps move her stuff around. Kerri would lecture a kiddy on the dangers of too much sugar and quite happily pop a sweet in her mouth after saying bye bye, to them!  And I won't even begin to mention her addiction for Scottish tablet! But she's a Mental Dental nurse, with an abundance of knowledge and charm and I upload these little pics taken over the years, as a tribute to my daughter, Kek!

Love you, too, Kek....XxX....big heaps!

August 07, 2010

The Sparkler

The robbers got away with it, a load of household goods
And silver, diamonds, gems and things -like a proper burglar should.
It happened to my neighbours - (she's a stuck up ruddy mare)
They came home to an empty house - them things they weren't there!

It had only been the sixth time that they'd holidayed this year
Such a shame, an awful circumstance when life is so austere!
They'd usually ignore me or avoid my very stare,
It's horrid being invisible when indeed you're blummin' there.

But today they rushed to ring my bell, and asked me if I saw
Anyone?  I shook my head and gave a loud 'pshaw'.
Of course I said I didn't (and it was a true egad)
But the answer might have doubled if I hadn't or I had.

So the Boys in Blue came visiting, insurances were called.
A story plead and things were said (situation NOT forestalled?!)
Anyhow, it settled down, things smoothed out as they wanted,
And lived the life of well-to-do, and loudly - how they vaunted.

A few months passed, and then at last came lots of sunny rays
My garden slowly budding life, brightened up the days.
I found my can eventually, hidden in the rough.
And went inside to fill him up with water and feedstuff.

Then I heard a little rattling, a scrapey-scrappy sound
I tipped my can right upside down and gasped at what I'd found.
Diamonds of pure craftsmen's work, sunk in heavy, golden chains
Oh, how life throws out circumstance and strangely does pertain.

So knocking hard upon their door, I handed them a gift
And a touching little goodbye card obtained thanks to their grift.
Alas, I am a-moving on, I'd love to "stay and chat!"
But there's so much to do now my deposit's on that flat!