June 12, 2015

♯ iPodding Well Hope They Meant It ! ♯

  On a rather quiet bus ride home this morning, I was aware of a pair of female passengers a few seats up on the opposite side, looking round a few times.  I didn't know them so continued to stare out the window, listening to my music regardless.  It wasn't until we were all getting off at the terminus that things became clearer.  

Unplugging my earphones to thank the driver and in readiness to cross the busy road, one friend said to the other, loudly, and for my benefit:

"I think it's rude having to listen to other people's music on buses."

( Yikes! - I had the volume up a tad too high for the past couple of miles! )

The friend replied:

"I know!  AND she must have been about 40 as well! 

I turned 51 in January.  Cheers ladies!    



Jon said...

It's unusual to get a criticism and a compliment at the same time. Of course, the compliment was unintended - - but sometimes that's the best kind.

Hey, music makes the world a brighter place and it should be shared.

^.^ said...

Looove this :):):) ... good 4 u, Lena. Always, cat.