January 30, 2012

Kadinsky's Artyfarty................

Colours collide and they then make a slide
Angles of sharp and of length
Busy and bold, from a heart uncontrolled
Shouting out with a palate of strength 

Such visions from him on his creative whim
Unique for the time of his era
Threw these shapes in your face, would you tamper or taste?
Lines obey and the loud hang together

For years I've been staring, my eyes yet declaring
Some new nook or cranny in frame
As my backside goes numb, either side of my bum
Glow with indents and partly from shame

Now I'm hot and I'm sweating, and holey regretting
Hanging Wassily on my bog door
Was just here to sit, while attempting to sh*t
But the print you just cannot ignore...!! 

Is it weird then to have, a masterpiece in your lav
That gets more views than would in the hall?
In the great name of art, when you let off a fart
Try Kandinsky hung on your loo wall!

January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me.........!!

Today is my birthday and tonight PrettyBoy's band is playing a gig and shall be performing my favourite song of theirs (A Little Bit Longer) as my birthday gift.  It's a bit of a bastard to wrap is a song -  almost as challenging as them trying to get me pissed, but they will all fail miserably. Only Liz, my best friend and NDN is capable of that........

I have a twin sister to celebrate / commiserate another year older with, mind you.  Albeit over the phone as she lives in London.  I've revealed my age on the balloon.  It's the next b'day with an 0 in it, I'm really dreading.  Until then I'll try to keep my chin up!  I suppose I'm not too bad for an old bird, isn't me..??!!


January 24, 2012

(Tea)Pot Head

After a right old rake-and-bung in our attic, we came across an old full tea set, straight from the 80's. My hubby ran a pottery back then and made the set personally.  In finding quite a large teapot, we decided to use the traditional method of making a pot full for top ups ect.
        My younger son, Adam, (Norsey) volunteered to make the tea  for us, quite taken with the ghastly, clay retro, oh, no!   He came through with a tray with mugs and handed us an empty one each.  Quite nonchalantly, he started to pour the tea into our mugs - fully sugared and milked - in his own calculations.  I was 'first' because I took just one sugar normally.  He then poured the other mugs. It wasn't until he got to his father, who took no milk nor sugar in his, that he realized his blunder.  I fear for that child, I really do!  Stick with the music mate...........


Baby pure, you were secure
Wrapped up in terry towelling
Knees to your chest, I tried my best
To minimise the howling

My little girl, in mummy's world
And so, a babe myself
Nervously discovering
What lay upon the shelf

Both educated, and berated
Tried and tested, too
No other baby taught me
All the things I learned with you

Now scarce the hugs and hearty tugs
Regress to being young
Wrapped up in terry towelling
Soaking up the tears that stung

January 16, 2012

Strike Me Blue

Join the ones in wonderment
Saviours of the sea
Where women steer a waterwheel
And bring a hush to thee

Aquarians with tidal rings
A surface to evade
A feat Houdini faltered with
In stony masquerade

No mermaid nor Neptunian
Could ride the waves of time
A calling for eternity
To challenge the sublime

Gathered in the sparkle
In femmes of old and new
Awaiting for the wonderment
To come and strike me blue.

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January 13, 2012

Unlucky For Some

Nothing exciting or unlucky happened.  A glorious day with plenty sunshine and still, frosty greenery.  Peaceful indeed. For one to be raised by a highly superstitious mother, no salt, ladders, counting, saluting, chanting, praying, crack-skipping, colour sorting, cat cursing, slow breathing, recitals, odd sock missions, feather bunging, garlic or priests were needed.  Friday the 13th...?  BRING IT ON..........!  It's the other 365 days I need worry about.....................


In With The New Spew

This year is to be my positive year.  I'm not your typical resolution sort but I am determined to stick to the plans as much as possible.  Granted, I'm not one for planning way in advance as Lady Luck usually pays an unexpected visit and scuppers things for me by the designated date. If only I kept a diary or journal of my life's complications but the entries may not convince some.  Bridget Jones hasn't the slightest look in.  But (in no particular order) I'm focusing on:

1. Losing a bit more weight.
2. Decorating the bog.
3. Working on a manuscript
4. Buying a mobile.
5. Organizing the biggest charity gig Central Scotland has ever seen.

Number 1 :  I have lost around a stone (through illness) and am now using this as an incentive to diet and kick up a healthier lifestyle. Walking miles is probably the burner I enjoy most but toning up via an ancient leisure book with Mad Lizzy Web (if you remember her) from 1989 does the trick just as well as a local Bannatynes, We-Rob-You-Blind, Gym. Getting down to 10 stone by spring would be dandy!

Number 2:  For almost a year now, I've had to pee in the water boudoir with cement walls staring back at me.  This is a symbolic nightmare if you're a little egg bound. At least with the old wallpaper you could make faces out of if you forgot reading material.  I don't care how big the little room is, he's in for a sizing real soon.

Number 3:  As you (mostly) know, I adore my Magpie Tales and Short Story Slams.  Sadly, not as many old regulars (before joining these popular groups) seem interested in the creative side now posted in my blogs, although I do still get passing comments on everyday/general stuff published from them.  Poetry may just remind them of school days and after a hard day's work who wants reminded of English in Room 35 where old leather-patched arse-bore, Mr. McFeely shoved rhyme and Dickens down your throat till dry-boak bell went!   Even so, I'm liking the thought of putting on paper the mad ideas, storylines and dialogue that flit through my head in perpetual paths at quiet times. My confidence would never seek publication for this but I'd be interested to see how far and where the pen would take me.

Number 4:  You should see the funny looks I get when I reveal that I don't own a mobile phone. Relatives, customer services, application forms ect, presume everyone has one. Four years ago my even-then-hand-me-down number dropped and broke.  I have not replaced it since.  It hasn't made my world any less complicated, it's always going to be shit.  But the only thing I can positively  commend these things for is emergencies.  They're handy for a number of other things too, like turning you into a gofer,  getting tutted at on public transport, losing on public transport, falling into lager glasses, being mugged over,  ghastly ringtones, cheating and infidelity.  I'll leave it another year, (despite the kids offering to buy me one) and see if communicating by other means fails in comparison. If it does, I've matches, sticks and a blanket .

Number 5:  I'm 'thinking' (don't want to use the word PLANNING for now) of holding a massive charity gig.  This time for two causes - Canine Partners and a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer charity (after my recent scare).  Both my sons' bands would be playing, as well as a few others.  Ideally, I would like an older band to perform, to cater for the age-rangers, but unless an ex-blogger returns and writes here again (and comments!) I may have to personally rip the spot from them and perform myself!

The difference this time would be a more prestigious venue. Canine Partners recently played a charity gig at Gleneagles Hotel (all hired and paid for by some rich car supporter) but a closer to home venue (Central Scotland) is a must!  Perhaps the university hall would do for one of 'these' gigs.  I'd have the help of the other charity organiser this time, so that takes the pressure off a little.  I'll mull things over with my best mate, Liz, (gonna try convince her to go!) at my  birthday bash' in Behind The Wall later on this month.  My sons' bands Hotel India and No Need For Idols (see sidebar for entertainment value) but for now you may want to click on this link for the star of the show who'd be there on the said night too.