June 30, 2014

Lost Lady Luck

                             Lady Luck apologies
                            for her lack of showing face
                            Abandonment, no diamond rises
                            club or heart a darned disgrace

                            Lady Luck lets out no whisper
                            leaving you a suit no less
                            Notes like stakes, a whole lot crisper -
                            poker face to acquiesce

                            Lady Luck sits at your table
                            giving you the widest berth
                            Returning to you when she's able - 
                            winning streaks for all she's worth.

                            Lady Luck, now that's she's spoken
                            likes this table set for one
                            Absence is her strongest token -
                            Queen of Hearts orbits the sun.

                            Lady sits while Luck is dealing
                            Patience rules the gambled soul
                            Matters not what you're concealing -
                            just one victor to extol



June 28, 2014

Yet Another Vine Day At The Surgery

More antics at my daughter's dental surgery.......click top left for sound

          ☼  A Vine Start To The Week  ☼

                        '' So, I've just spilt water on myself in the shape of a penis! ''


June 25, 2014

The Final Wrap

On our weekly walk, McScrooge and I were fascinated in passing our route by the high school, to hear a piper playing and a party marquee erected with a huge sound system playing music.  We found out that for the first time it was to mark the end of a successful school year and the piper played in honour of a teacher's retirement.  Quite a decent way to wrap things up.

It also jogged my memory of PrettyBoy's last day ever of his  school days before uni.  Back then, the kids had their own idea of what last day of school should be about.  Now, we knew of his intention of dressing like an eedjit (hence the photo) but of the other stuff one of his mates let slip a week or two later.  So he and a group of his close mates had a series of pranks made up and thus went on:

*** They ran into the library with one of those 'horn in a can' things that you hear at football matches - and almost gave Mrs Jennings the clerk a coronary.

They tied adjacent classroom door handles together and banged on the doors simultaneously.

Jars of little fishes (baggy minnows) from a nearby pond were tipped into the staff room toilet sinks.

A huge dick was sprayed in cream or foam (he couldn't remember) on the head's office door.

The janitor's shed was ringed by school ties and his mop and bucket had loads of poster paint squirted into it.

And lastly (all that they were admitting to anyhow) bog roll was looted from the toilets and decorated over the school trees ***

I can see why Ross never confessed to any of this too soon.  But I can't help smiling when I think of the poor teacher who went to wash her/his hands after a piddle.

June 22, 2014


The sky with its clouds, talk to her clear and loud
in passing on this gentle morn
Lost in the heat, roses smelling so sweet
intertwining the scent of grass shorn

The air clean and pure, skin soft and allure
lulling those senses to sleep
Nothing to do, gentle breeze pushing through
in a hush that is all hers to keep

Now rubbing her eyes, as a warm nature sighs
its breath raising hair on her skin
Extending it's grace to another fine other place
where a heart and a soul beat within

A small fountain runs, as she sins in the sun
with the visions within her mind's eye
Him returning to earth, in a instant rebirth
in the guise of a lone dragonfly

(who makes a personal appearance in the pic!)


June 17, 2014

Wot's Up....!?

Cor - I really haven't been around these blogs for a wee while so here's a catchup of the past few weeks:

Malta is such a beautiful country. The 5 star Intercontinental Hotel would be holiday enough for me.  The top floor garden is simply divine and has ducks, koi carp and turtles homing in and amongst the gorgeous waterfall area.  What a sight from your bedroom balcony!   Managing to book the VIP part of the hotel (through friends) this made for a fantastic first-time-abroad-for-Adam experience!  Malta has changed so much and is a country that I would visit again but not in these summer months.   And there my Scottish homesick roots kick in!  What else?.......oh, yes.......


I'm getting increasingly fond of my son's little Jackahuahua and just finished doggy-sitting a couple of days ago.   Peepers was just the thing needed as an excuse to leave the house while all this live sport is going on. World Cup football, golf and ruddy motor racing - not to mention Wimbledon in a week's time.   Must be punishment for something, then.  But boy am I missing that ankle-biting, non-sleeping, fight-picking, over-crapping maniac of a mutt!

I managed to gather some rather nice wildflowers and weeds on our walk and came up with this rather drab bowing coffee jar display! I don't think I'll be picking many more!


That's the surgery over now, too!   Got home early last week and now simply have to wait on the biopsy results. The kinks and twists were successfully straightened and rid off of adhesions - one of the causes for the pain having returned so violently.  I won't be rid of pain completely but may manage it better.

The worst part of the whole operation was the pre-theatre cleansing of the bowel where I had to fast for 2 days while drinking 2 litres of the vilest solution I've ever had to force down.  Think Lemsip with Ouzo and a salty bitterness drawing your top lip back with each mouthful and you're a fraction there - despite looking every fluid ounce the cocktail.   Once back home I was effing starving and there was very little time in between discharge and a tray full of food.   The surgery was a bit of a worry for me as there is always the risk, no matter how small, of ending up with a colostomy bag.   Had that occurred I vowed to jazz the thing up with stick-on gems while perhaps smelling like a farmers boot. 

 I was also devastated at the death of my favourite comic last Monday. Comedy genius Rik Mayall, at a young 56.   Famous for The Young Ones, Bottom and Alan B'stard, he and his comedy partner Ade Edmondson (who wrote, starred and produced the above shows with Rik) changed the face of comedy with their alternative anarchic and zany characters starting back in the 80's.  This very household uses quotes from Rik and Ade's material, and have done for 20 years and will continue to do.  Very few celebs bring me to tears at their passing, well,  this is the first since Bambi's mum.  
It seems so unfair as he was a devoted father, husband and mega- friendly and generous to boot.  It shocked the world, really, and I was touched to see that within a few hours of the news there was Youtube tribute videos from fans as far away as America.  Some may remember him better as imaginary friend in the film Drop Dead Fred.  He'll be sorely missed. Such a cruel waste and it was this quote from his best friend and comedy partner that got me bubbling.  So, so fitting. I'll round things off now with a short video of when Drop Dead Fred and dog poo mix:


ps.......Giving my poetry, meme and other fun groups a miss this week.  I need to know what you guys have been up to first, and I'll be back writing from Sunday.