September 27, 2012

Fool Britannia

It isn't often I whap up a video but I was both in stitches and shame at the same time with this one.  Here's the leader of my country, in all his political swinery, making a shambles of himself on The David Letterman show.  A little cutting jest to Letterman went something like:

'We interfered in your (America's) politics roughly 200 years ago, sailing up the river to burn down the White House.'

Moments later, Letterman left him with egg on his face after he couldn't answer a few historic, British facts. His ignorance in not knowing who wrote 'Rule Britannia'  probably summed up the guy in that useless little hesitation before he replies 'Elgar?  I, at least, knew it was a Scots and English joint effort of some puffs in ruffs!

Cameron has raped the economy, failed to support the health system, the rich are being taxed less, our soldiers in Afghanistan are dropping like flies and as for education - he's abolished travel expenses for further education students and threatening to cut the student loan. These are just some of the things effecting me personally, but the list goes on.  He's labeling the unemployed and single mums in his swine-ful own way as 'adapting to a culture of disruption and irresponsibility '  What he really wants to dub them are "Families from Hell!"  He's an Etonian and will never put the condiments on the sitting room table. Never has. 

 I've never experienced so many tumbling blocks and brick walls and basic rights being arsed with, in any government before.  Besides - when a PM takes time out from G20 talks with Obama & Co,  to focus on a shit comedian's (Jimmy Carr) tax dodging, reassures me no end that he's got his priorities right!


September 23, 2012

Airing et Layering

Back from a break to a delightful prompt.  Just a simple little piece to get me back into the swing of things......!  I suppose I gave more thought to the kind of artwork it is than what it said to me. I'm in lazy mode this week!.!
What makes sense to some
flies too high for others
Caught in mid-motion
angst proportional druthers

A sense to be soaring
though be it with rage
Let the score on the canvas
hop on to the page

If a cleared head makes irony
scale upon scale
Who's to say that the tooth
needs to follow the nail?

From binary, finery, 
take pieces apart
And finish much later
what thought pulled apart

As we gaze from the marble
a flute in our hand
Makes a welcomed envision
for a brush to crash land

A story repeated in
hundreds of ways
Tells not what the eye sees
but a fuelled heart portrays


September 20, 2012

Wi Ma Ain Folks

London was amazing. It ended up an extended visit but boy did it rock.  I'm not going to go through the whole shebang here - just pop up the odd picture or two, until I get back into the swing of things.  My breast cancer ultimate results showed the tumours were benign.  I don't think I've ever held on to my daughter so tightly in all her life.  I can look forward to Christmas now, celebrating in the usual unashamed and immature nature.  Anyhow - some post-London pics, where the sun shone for ten glorious days and I didn't complain too much at that!

On our first day just chilling.  

  Back Row :
  Me, me twin, me son-in-law, James, and niece Layla.
  Me daughter, Kerri, and her brother, Ross.

A Harrods visit:
Kerri finding the department that REALLY mattered! What a store - you could spend a whole day there just browsing (no choice in that matter). We mostly took pictures of price tags and had a game of find the most expensive fish!

A magical traipse round London. God, did our feet hurt after the tour!  Still marvelled over the simple statue of Eros.


 Here's me in South Hill Park in Bracknell. My son-in-law James and his landscape company turned this place from shit to a hit!  He guided Prince Edward round the whole park and gardens on it's re-opening!  And the manor house is renowned for it's ghost stories!

 This picture is soooo endearing!  Gorgeous Freya is my daughter's friend's little girl and she absolutely loves the bones of James!  She's force-feeding him her crisps here.  I pray that one day the IVF treatment will work and he and my own little girl are blessed with a kiddy of their own!

This is the church Kerri and James married in.  The organ pipes in here and celestial paintings are the most beautiful I've ever seen.  I visit it every time I'm in Marlow to relive the event. It was my proudest moment watching her float down that aisle!  The Vicar was the funniest little guy, ever.  He kept stopping and asking James if he was sure he didn't want to know where the quick exit was!

On my last day there James' parents held a cracking barbeque - what a menu!  It was my first taste of Pimms as well.  I adored their apple tree - just ripe for the picking and eating!
Left to right:
Margaret, my twin, Layla again, Vicky, James' sister and moi!

This is the mat that sits proudly at my daughter's door!  Taken from the Scottish hit comedy, Still Game, (a Barra's buy!) these mats are often commissioned for Xmas and New Year gifts. Some companies need convincing that you actually WANT it misspelt!

Okay, guys!  This snap is the piesta resistance!  I just had to have a piddle in a Harrods bog!  My nutty twin sister took this snap before the toilette-clerk caught us!  And what a lavatory it is!  Towels like cherub clouds! There was even this little circular trolly with a selection of designer parfums if you fancied a free scoot (sample) on your way out!  Honest!

We were tempted to re-inact a situation that occurred when we were nine, involving twin distraction and a packet of Polo mints in McCluckey's  food store,  but we opted for more finger-linger time on the aerosol instead! can't tell it's me - can you? I think they've got security cameras in that place!
So there endeth the few pictures and precious memories that'll last forever.  I'll make a little slideshow of each album of snaps taken for my sorely neglected sidebar soon!  It's nice to be back.  And even nicer to know that I can share this and future posts with a bit more ease.  I plan to raise funds for those women and families who are affected by breast cancer.  I just spent the last couple of weeks experiencing the time of my life.  It doesn't bear thinking about how the last two weeks could have gone.