November 03, 2009

Last Day Of Fools......!

One good thing about friends of the offspring is, that if they're tanked up enough, wondrous tales of yore start surfacing. Some Friday nights my older son, Ross, now 20, invites a few mates to his room for a tipple before they hit the very expensive night club in town, otherwise they wouldn't be able to afford to get to 3am. But while popping up with a few snacks and things, they like to spill about silly things. Sometimes I push my luck and quiz them about this and that. Mind you, there will be things that mothers NEVER find out, and we don't want to know anyhow.

Lewis, a friend of his has one of the biggest hearts I know, but also has the biggest gob and was telling me what happened on the last day of school - three years ago. Apart from Ross attending his very last day dressed as an eedjit (photo) his group of close mates had a series of pranks made up and thus went on:

They ran into the library with one of them 'horn in a can' things - that you hear at football matches - and almost gave the clerk a coronary.

They tied adjacent classroom door handles together and banged on the doors simultaneously.

Jars of little fishes (baggy minnows) from a nearby pond were tipped into the staff room toilet sinks.

A huge dick was sprayed in cream or foam (they can't remember) on the head's office door.

And lastly (all that they were admitting to anyhow) bog roll was looted from the toilets and decorated over the trees............

I can see why Ross never confessed to any of this as behaviour like this wouldn't have been tolerated on a normal day. But I can't help smiling when I think of the poor teacher who went to wash her/his hands after a piddle.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Just as well it wasn't pyranhas in the unrinals!

Helena said...

MOB - fancy a school reunion..? I will if you

Ekan - see you soon! I love surprises!...xx