November 06, 2009

A Bet On Lynette

Bigging them up again! I can't help it. My son's band Casino have just recorded their latest offering called Lynette. It's a wonderful little tune, with wonderful, uncomplicated words. It's even more special (as with most of their songs) because it is based on true life.

The song is about a girl that my son, Ross, fancied from afar. As a teenager still at high school he used to hang around a shop called Fratz that was situated next to a local park, with his mates. He was euphoric when Lynette became a member of the group and basically it's about his gentle pursuit of her - in which he was eventually successful and now wonders what happened to her. And because of the lyrics, I now know that he puffed away in his latter years of high school and had the odd alcopop! But after hearing the song, I think I'll give a belated rollocking a miss. If he'd never met Lynette and her bad habits, then this song might never have come about. Older ones like my old self can even relate to it and it did take me back to my own teenage days - less the fags and booze - and daft schoolgirl crushes. My favourite lines are in the bridge lead up to the chorus that goes as such:

'Oh, Lynette, don't forget, leave me two's on your cigarette.'
Get it on, won't be long, till we kiss like we had never met.'

On November 26th in Behind The Wall in Falkirk, the band are having their first EP launch party, on which Lynette will be included. The song will be up on their website next Wednesday/Thursday after it's been mastered (bloody perfectionists!) and I gaurantee you'll be hooked after a couple of listens. The guys will also be filming their first script video (to Shadow Company) where a certain amount of acting, (with a director) will be taking place. As far as I've fished it's setting is in a hotel after/during a function and Ross will be sitting at the bar with a whisky and a black eye, while Telfer (frontman) walks in with his shirt half hanging out his suit and his tie all squint like he's been in a fight, too, in the opening scene. That's all the little bastards will tell me! The song is actually about a prossie, so I'll be curious to see if that's included. For a young band that's only been together a year, I'd say they're well paying their dues to their fans.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

They are going great guns aen't they? Looking forward to hearing the song.

Helena said...

Aw thanks MOB - I can assure you the boys' new tune is over 40 friendly with the most beautiful melody. I got all teary listening to it the first few times!

VioletSky said...

Ah, ye must be so proud a mama!

Helena said...

I ama proud amama - still nagging him about the smoking, mind you!