April 28, 2009

And So It Goes....

I have cancelled the trip to London as my daughter is now coming home to Scotland to spend the week with us instead. Her other grandma is very ill, the cancer although not galloping, is still with her but it is unrelated back pain that is causing her the most trouble. She needs morphine for this and the poor woman is delirious at the best of times. Kerri will be spending a few days with her to give her grampa a break as he's her constant carer. She's my beautiful little Florence, with a heart and strength that puts me to shame. I cannot put it into enough words how much I love her, only my arms will do that the second she arrives.

She is also aware of my meantime marital difficulties, our words said in haste but nonetheless giving me food for thought. It's pointless trying to hide anything from her she's knows me too well. Then again, we don't always know what comforting or worried words siblings exchange. Texting is just too bloody handy at times! I just hope the little relate councellor in her can move things on - one way or another. All this and looking after her auntie in England, too. She humbles me. Thank God she never turned out to be the shy, ashamed, unconfident teenager I was. Or else she would never have made it in this world. Her ambitions and wishes have been fulfilled so far through sheer determination and hard work. I only hope the fertility treatment she is on blesses her with a mini-she. If there's any justice in the world of mother-nature.


auntiegwen said...

Just caught up with your last 2 posts, I'm so sorry honey to hear of all your troubles. I so hope things improve for you soon. Email, ring or text (Neil's got both my numbers) you've always got a bed here if you need it for a wee while xxx

Jannie Funster said...

"I cannot put it into enough words how much I love her, only my arms will do that the second she arrives." Boy, don't I know that feeling! Yours sounds amazing.

And it was so great to see you back on my blog, Lena. I have missed you!

K. said...

Hi, Lena--

I am sorry to read about your family and personal difficulties. I've been through the palpitations thing, and it's no fun. Fortunately, in my case it was nerves.

Your profile lists songwriting as one of your interests. I invite you to check out Just A Song, my blog about songs and songwriters. Today's entry happens to be close to home: It's about Dick Gaughan's interpretation of Robert Burns' "Now Westlin Winds."

I hope to see you there. In the meantime, take care.