July 02, 2015

Ordinary (Kinda) Days 10

Got up this morning to an almighty commotion. From a back window I saw flashing lights and heard mighty rumbles. The council had decided (with no prior warning) to put up a new lamppost in the lane over the bottom of our garden and started hacking away like fuck to our hedge branches on the bypass side. So severely bare I had a bit of a to do with a bloke and shouted through the hole they'd made in our hedge!  I later went on and sarcastically made them all a coffee passed through the hole!  All that put paid to the wire and tiers we painstakingly secured to the edgings of our hedge, to keep my son's vicious little fucker of a Jackawawa in the garden on his visits.  They said they'll  'see what they can do'  in fixing the wire fence edging!  

Later on, on my way to the chemist for some painkillers, I put on my slack old tennis shoes for the 10 min journey and then duly stepped off the pavement and into a muddy mush at the kerb.  So bad that I had no option but to enter the chemist in one shoe, and leaving the other on top of the litter bin at the bus stop outside. I got a right stare from travelers on the bus as they watched me lift the shoe from the garbage can and squish the thing back on!

Then late afternoon, I was trying to take a sneaky puff of a ciggy without the The Cheaper Half knowing, and lit up with a fast butane festival lighter (totally weather proof)  setting my ruddy effing straw-like hair on fire near my fringe, resulting in me screaming like an eedjit....! No great damage was done, thankfully!  And within the same hour, we couldn't stop a cat in time from herrying the nest with the poor wee blackbird young, as they were now easy pickings.

Looking forward to my bed as I was shattered, couldn't even be arsed with book nor magazine, I put out the light and cuddled down rather headachy.  No sooner had I snuggled in than a flash of lightening and rip-roaring thunder (which I am terrified of) decides it wanted to have a kick of my teeth, too!   I lay in a cold sweat and just could not get back to sleep after it.  My night was finishing in familiar fashion as to how it started!

And to finish - the heat in Scotland is unbearable!  For me, anyhow. We've reached an almighty temp of 78°C and boy am I struggling.  My heart goes out to everyone in drought and heat overseas - (especially American friends).  That'd kill me outright!  Moan over - just been one of them days, I guess.



Maggie said...

Wow. That's a bad day. We can laugh about it now. Eh?

Geo. said...

You have a most pleasant way of recounting a harrowing day. My compliments and admiration!

Jon said...

It sounds like you've had my kind of day. Every aspect of my existence seems to be bizarre. If things were ever normal, the shock would kill me. I'm still laughing at the thought of you setting your hair on fire (sorry - - I'm a masochist.....).

Unfortunately there's no drought here in Tennessee. It's been raining for weeks with no end in sight. Horrific thunder and lightning last night.

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Jackawawa? It sounds like a drug, but apparently (I had to look it up) it's a kind of dog (I'm not a dog person). The heat is unbearable here too.

Stacy MS said...

shew, its been a minute since life gave me some time to peruse my favorite blogs!

ha, you have amused and tickled me as you always do. lol...i love your posts.

note to self: must come here more often! :)

anne marie in philly said...

ay yi yi!

suhailahmed said...

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