March 09, 2010

Shopping a la Weans Style

Two sure-fire things that appalled PrettyBoy in the past? One was a shopping trip with me and the other the mention of breastfeeding. Two things that he pretty much couldn't avoid at certain points in his life. Used to like both if I remember correctly up to certain ages, of course. Now the thought of shopping with his mother (again) has lost it's horrific value and he quite likes the dastardly deed.  GingerNut, on the other hand, has never shown any repulse at being seen out with his mum and quite happily tags along.

Anyhow, me and my two lads decided we'd make a day of it in Stirling. That way it reduces the chances of being seen in our own town and lets us enjoy our day without possible interuption from bumpers. It also gave me the chance to look for other ideas for my best mate's birthday pressie, too. Oh, and a quick liquid refreshment, to boot. GingerNut passes for 18 in pubs these days and staff rarely complain if the pub's quiet and he's with his mum.

After a quick scour round the shops we decided that a certain perfume set for Liz was ideal. Got the green light from the boys (mind you, PrettyBoy would probably have agreed to Fairy and a pair of Marigolds by this time, coz when I comparative shop I do a bloody good job of it!) quite literally.

Liz has always unashamedly liked Westlife. Those cheeky-chopped Irishmen who have stolen the hearts of many a menopausal older woman (I quite fancy one of them but don't tell her!) and now they are in their thirties, and we the sore side of forty, it no longer feels like borderline paedophilia when lusting after 'younger'  boys. But back to the 'present'....we noticed in a 'fume shop window a perfume gift box set endorsed by them. Now, GingerNut would have quite happily gone in the shop and doubled as a Jamacian- Irishman when enquiring about it, so I thought I'd make the purchase a bit more memorable. Ross and I tossed a coin and if he lost he was to go in and buy it and say it was for his boyfriend.  He paused for a bit before the flip but it slapped on his hand against him and in he went and done it!  Even heard him explain that 'Dave' likes the spray scented on their cushions! The assistants obviously didn't believe him one bit and smiley-giggled back at him throughout. But he stuck to his deal.

So shopping trips with the lads are almost as exhilarating as with my daughter. KrazyKek trails me into Anne Summers (I hate the bloody place) for a look every time she's up and you've no idea what questions she asks. Well, you probably have but between that and knocking on the bus window home at red lights to show her recently purchased goods to drivers is a little of what I'll never stay pale-faced over.  But if nothing else, I may just have made a new retail scouring friend in PrettyBoy.  While reminding him that just a few years ago, if a bag I carried hadn't a la-de-da designer or posh-twat logo on it he'd be mortified. He took one of the bags and my pen while in the pub and carried this one home. That's ma boy:


PurestGreen said...

That bag is brilliant. Spray a bit of that perfume on his pillow - just for fun. Hilarious.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Haha...awesome bag. Sounded like you guys had a great time!

Unknown said...

Ditto everyone else on the bag -- I love it! But what if you had lost the coin toss?

Helena said...

Kobi - it was to be just a simple purchase on my behalf. I paid for 'lunch' (McDonalds!).

Karisa Tells All said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I love your Britishisms :) I've heard of Marks and Spencer but I don't think we have those in the US. Is it sort of like Macys?

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

I can't leave a comment on your other blog :(

Loved your meme.
I'm a slut too.
A Häagen-Dazs slut :)

Helena said...

Karisa - if Macy's is quite expensive and upper-class then yes! But I must admit - your own fashion sense amazes me...(just visited!). Why can't more be happy, like you..?

Hi DDG - the link on my other blog is now working okay in pop-up fashion!

MarmiteToasty said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... love the bag :)


sanjeet said...

just for fun. Hilarious.
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