November 02, 2012

Boom Boom Schnardy Schnar..........☼

We go through earphones like crazy in our house. Music, in whatever way it's delivered, is now a vital part of sole journeys.  Earlier today, I sat and watched PrettyBoy open a new set from it's welded, plastic casing.  The seal was a nightmare and after two slit finger tips and some tough scissor work, they were blissfully released.  Despite my protests at costing him over £30, he refuses to listen to music without clear, accompanying bass. He was vainly listening to his own band and I guess I could excuse him slightly for the practicing diva bit!

His band  Hotel India  have confirmed that that they will be greeting Hogmanay as the headlining band at King Tuts - the most prestigious (despite the bogs!) venue sought after by bands in Scotland.  I was so excited to see their name on Tuts' gig list and at that very moment discovered that you can actually make whole sentences using just swear words!  As yet, the venue hasn't picked the support bands, but if my younger son's band makes it on the same stage, the same night, I'll be in Band-Member-Mum Heaven!   Not only that,  it's my daughter's birthday on Hogmanay, too,  so I'm hoping she and hubby make it up from London.  What a start to my New Year that would be!

After both radio airplay  ( huge thanks to Trish at Whatever Rocks Your Boat  for referring and believing in them) and their nominated video and appearance at the  Scottish New Music Awards in September, things have been moving swiftly.  The owner of music company Feast Records have been checking the guys out and want to release Black Eyes as a single. Talks with their manager about this offer are taking place soon!  Oh, and two new songs are being recorded this month.  Meantime, temporary names for the songs kick out as: Boom Boom Schnardy Schnar  and Dukebox!  

Huge thanks to those here and on Facebook that voted for the guys.  The lads appreciate it so much - especially Jace who played the video on the big screen on the office wall! 
There! See? Told you I could update a Hotel India-based blog/journal in under 500 words!  And for those who couldn't give a shit - here's a picture of an adorable puppy up some bamboo shoots: 



Helena said...

Steve (Cain) - thank you for your recent comment! I had to repost this as the text and format was all over the place and your comment, sadly, went with it! I meant to keep this entry on draft last night till today! I'll pop over soon....!

Other Mary said...

Hahaha about the cute puppy. Congratulations on your talented kids' success! I'm not up on the Scottish music scene, but it all sounds terribly exciting. :o)

Hey Monkey Butt said...

very good news :) congrats for them! cute pup ;)

Helena said...

Thanks girls! Mary - I sometimes put links and things down my sidebars and posts. Keep a lookout for them!

Anonymous said...

....ain't no songs, about no puppies, up no bamboo shoots! Just be aware of that!♫