November 11, 2012

Country Callings

Air and land, an ever-essence
Silences be there to shout
Trusting life in khaki blessings
Tiring of barbaric clout

Humble merchants, seeking shelter
Renegades before the end
Staring, as surroundings welter
Be enemy or be it friend

Markings left from lithe abrasions
Wounded heart, and shrapnelled skies
Takes only one to fill a nation
Forever thanked in lullabies 
Though from WWII, this week's Magpie Tale is in memory of my dad (on guitar) and his fellow comrades. This picture was taken in his POW camp in 1942/43.  Music and song helped keep the moral up, if not the trousers, as he used to say! The poem is in tribute to all war heroes.

                 ♥.........Miss you, auld yin!.......♥


Kathe W. said...

oh my what your Dad and others endured. Bless him and all his fellow comrades. Thank you for sharing this photo.

Brian Miller said...

wow...your dad in a POW camp...that hits home...thanks to him and all that served...nice verse as well...i like the form...

Janie said...

Very touching. Great tribute to the veterans.

rel said...

War makes men of boys and then steals their manhood.
Yet we call ourselves civilized.

Jon said...

A remarkable photo and a wonderful tribute!

ReBelle said...

Air and land an ever-essence...wonderful opening. A most heartfelt tribute. Thank you for sharing and that photo...oh, yes, music to keep insanity and death at bay.

Daydreamertoo said...

Lovely tribute to your dad and to those others who served for our freedom.
Great poem :)

izzy said...

Great tribute to brave souls- thanks.

Sue said...

Well done.

Thanks for sharing your dad's photo.

Happy Veteran's Day.


anthonynorth said...

A great tribute.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

A wonderful and worthy tribute to all who fought for freedom.

Anna :o]

Bee's Blog said...

An amazing tribute to your Dad who was a true hero for being able to withstand the traumas of a POW camp.