November 16, 2012

You Don't Say?

Flicking through some magazines at the dentist today, I read an article study on marital/partner conversation. Apparently, women in general speak around 20,000 words a day, compared to a paltry 7,000 from men.  This all derives from hormones.

 The female hormone, estrogen, heightens the production of oxytocin, thus making the want to gossip high on the agendaSadly, for men, testosterone, over the years, kills off a percentage of communication cells but makes up for that with adding to their brain's capacity to remember (and think about other things!)

Gee, and here's me thinking that my patter was so interesting he was actually listening!



Anders Woje Ellingsen said...

We should not believe all that we read. I believe your spouse is astonished. :-)

Helena said...

Pinch of salt, Anders, but ridiculously funny, too! I wonder what MOST men find room in their heads for when their tongues are resting?(.Y.)

Rob From Amersfoort said...

"sadly"? Some women (and some men) really talk too much :-).