November 03, 2012


While upping some summer bye-bye's and downing some winter wonderstuff from the attic, I saw that our Christmas tree had been stood there uncovered all year!  I didn't want to try and wriggle and squash my way through the loft hatch as usual, as scars from the boob surgery are still tender.  I did manage a head up for a sneaky peek, though.  Feeling sorry for the fairy, I decided to bring the fully decorated tree down (God knows how they got it up) give it a light dusting and test the lights.  Operating.   Little Fairypoops, Chrissie, is almost 20 years old and you can see how threadbare and 'holey' her dress and wings are getting.  She's had all sorts of coloured lights rammed up her lacy skirt every year for added effect, and a replacement doesn't bare thinking about!  The tree is stopping in my bedroom for now but its mini-illumination has boosted the winter-chick in me no end.

Earlier on, I picked the remaining blackberries in the garden that were still clinging on to life and decided to make a bramble and apple crumble.  Yes, there are a few recipes that I don't always balls-up on!  Later, as we sat with a portion each, I remarked on how ideal the deep and heavy steel dish I made it in was, only to be told that PrettyBoy had 'borrowed' it from work to use at his last festival.  It's amazing how much more filling you can get in a placenta dish.  Oh, well. At least I know it cooks beans, too. Eventually.

Anyhow - I'm sitting as I type, watching some absolutely cracking fireworks!  It may only be November 3rd, but there are a lot of weekend parties going on around me. What a blessing patio heaters are!  It's freezing, dry, and there's a beautiful, starry sky.  It will, absolutely, piss down in Scotland on Monday night.
November 5th, Guy Fawkes Night, is celebrated greatly and widely in Britain. Organised displays everywhere. Oh, how I wish old Fawkesy would come back and do a number on Cameron and his cronies!  I took a couple of snaps out an upstairs window, but they more resemble wayward ribbon and ectoplasm than fireworks!  But I love where my house is situated. So many free displays from the comfort of your own window sills. Tough on the old elbows, mind My cat has retreated to his usual place of behind and under the television unit.  I think he thinks I do this on purpose every year.

Anyhow - quite a week, what with days of significance highlighted in them.  Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Christmas. I'm a ruddy big kid!  Actually, I'm getting quite excited at the thought of picking up and continuing our topic of conversation over the turkey and crackers. If giving birth with no pain relief hurts more than a solid kick in the nuts. Welcome to Winter Wonderland!


Jenny Woolf said...

A pity that Guy fawkes celebrations have been rather overtaken by Halloween. We can't hold a party in our communal garden any more because of health and safety rules, either and even some public displays seem to be cancelled. I hope this old custom doesn't die out in England.

Helena said...

It'd be a shame, Jenny. Mind you, with the recent scare of the Edinburgh display (the whole lot went off at the same time from a misguided rocket!) I can understand the decisions!