November 08, 2012

What A Snip!

Hair drives me nuts! A quick twist in a hairband or a few brush-tugs and I'm done. But I try to make PrettyBoy and GingerJesus feel better on their  bad hair days - particularly Ross - by showing them pictures from their father's snippy youth. This pic amuses me most! 

  The Cheaper Half had a friend who was a trainee stylist and they would re-open the salon some nights, straight from the pub, to give 'clients' (their mates!) cut-price trims and things. Believe it or not but he wasn't pissed when this style was fashioned!

He stands with a girlfriend who has a hairstyle close to the one Mrs.Raven from My Hero still for him, I'm Purdy sure I've seen it before somewhere. Hmmmm.



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Jenny Woolf said...

Definitely an eerie similarity in those hair styles.