June 23, 2012

You Fly Little Things....!

This morning, Adam (GingerJesus)  was needing a bit of help filling out some form or other to return to work and was huffing at the box not being big enough to accept his full name!  Grunting at me, he shook his head and protested at where his and his brother Ross' (PrettyBoy)  names devired from.  Now, a 'Ross' and an 'Adam' sounds as if a fairly easygoing history could be attached to it.  If not a relative, then an actor, musician or sports hero, etc.  But their names actually are taken from fishing flies and decided by my male-dominated family as my belly grew!  Of course, I had some say in it, but was more bothered about health than labels.   Back then, family babies used to pop out at 4/3 in favour of boys. Anyhow:

Ross.........is from this little fellow whose proper title is  Peter-Ross:

Adam........is from this fine chap whose proper title is Adam's-Irresistible:

Kerri, my daughter from my first marriage didn't exactly escape the titles of the family clan of fishermen as they dubber her Hairy-Mairy:

Actually,  McScrooge invented a completely original one with her many moons ago, that I've tucked away safely.   I can recall it was so glittery and luminous that unless some fish wanted to swerve out of the gay riverbank closet to nab it, it would be pretty much useless.  But my gal never sticks to plain and mundane, she's a beautiful mad one-off herself!   My mob's certified names are actually  Peter-Ross Fergus  ♂, Adam Frank Thomas ♂, and . . . .Kerri Catherine  ♀
 We had a giggle in convincing them at one point of their little lives, that every time they went fishing with their dad they had to use their fly names.  Weird thing is - they got massive reactions and goods aplenty from other anglers who thought that was quite cool!   Thankfully, this is something that has dwindled in the past 30 years of family babies and the girls are catching s up!  Slowly, my own mobs' interests turned to music.  I have no idea what their titles would have been if our family had been keen racehorse pundits!


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richard said...

Let me guess: you, or a family member, did a lot of fishing?