June 03, 2012

Old Citrus Face

* This week's Magpie is dedicated to my cheaper-half  (the prompt is a very good likeness by the way!)  who is a gardener supreme. You should see my strawberry patch! *

He deserts me each and every day
his love thrown on another
Fingertips on fragile shafts
he carefully discovers

Goes into that hothouse 
salty beads upon his brow 
Carefully acknowledging
what steps he should take now

Got a line of maidens waiting
for that crucial drink or touch
Yield to him their flowery parts
in gratitude nonesuch

A martyr to his wanton needs
in strokes and feeds and lust
Measurements are noted - 
some bushes trimmed and trussed

All I want is some attention -
must I have to nag or plead?
Does he care of my existence
while he's off to plant his seed
Soon colours bloom and captivate,
fruits and veggies grow
Flowers of the exotic
dance in wonderful tableau 

Blossomed scents chase after you
edged around the garden
Fruits just ripe for picking
as some veggies beg their pardon

Yes, his cultivation orgies
in spite of all my woes
Pay off in taste and quality -
from pea to pear to rose. 



Steven Cain said...

Hah! Perfect! Every word! And me, all sweat and grime, just come in for a break from weeding.

Tess Kincaid said...

Oh yeah...that hothouse stuff just can't compare...nice write...

Brian Miller said...

Haha, very nice write…much fun in all your allusions…and fabulous story telling…I am glad you get to partake as well in the fruits of his labor…haha

Anonymous said...

what a guy!!! did you find him on adult friend finder? ;)

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gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful write!

borrow my eyes, borrow my ears

Sue said...

Great job, Helena...and I love the title, too!


Helen said...

Do you rent him out?

Carrie Burtt said...

Yes, what a man! :-)

Jenny Woolf said...

I've always been intrigued by those Archimboldo paintings, I seem to remember there are several of them. They used to give me the creeps. Your poem is great!

Judy Roney said...

What a sensual veggie and fruit man! Or maybe it is closer to lecherous!! LOL this gave me a laugh.

icyHighs said...

How bad is it that I'm a little aroused by all that?!

Jinksy said...

My husband, when alive, used to indulge in cultivation orgies too - fruit and veg galore. But let him lose in a flower garden and he was a nightmare - pulled up all my sea pinks in mistake for weeds!!

Bee's Blog said...

Captured me from the first line Very clever and funny double entendre!

Stafford Ray said...

If the bust is a good likeness, I am sure there are those who want to view the full length full monty!
But that aside, as it was, the poem itself is delightful!
It was the left hand that was carrotted, pumpknined and squashed wasn't it? Hasn't impeded your writing or SOH!