April 01, 2012

Nesting Natalia

I am not looking, if I do, I'll cry
In this place where the lives and the colours belie
You dragged me away from my safety, my shell
Dragged me away to this shoreline of Hell

Where sunsets are vying for everyone's love
No proclivity here to go thanking above
Clouds can crash angrily, as they desire
Keep fuelling a rage, never logging the fire

Where are the roses and little girl's scrawl
That we used to find hiding in bits of the wall
I still need my night-light, the sound of the town
A convoy of traffic to calm my nerves down

I need altercations with most of my friends
Skirmishes, tirades to the bitter end
This silence is killing, horizon of hate
Please take me home, Father, before it's too late

Can't anyone listen, anyone see
Lift me, assuaging upon your knee
Sometimes the decision, for grandeur and wealth
With it's breaths crisp and clear isn't good for your health

We don't need sunny climates or foreign debates
Appraisal from big-wigs whom everyone hates
Just let me languish and breath in foul air
I'll take my chances, do the same from your chair.

I can't look from the window, if I do, I'll cry
Watching the contrails consuming the sky
Picturing, pondering, a journey full blown
You in your paradise, me in my home.



Tess Kincaid said...

Nice...I really like "where sunsets are vying for everyone's love"...

Laurel's Quill said...

Very nice..."Picturing, pondering, a journey full blown
You in your paradise, me in my home"

Anonymous said...

i agree with Laurel about the last line. i really like that. to him it's just a home. i saw it as a job.

in the dragon's nest

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

A lot of very good lines. Noce!


Brian Miller said...

very nice lena...great evocation of feeling through out this...love the little bits found in the wall...and the contrast too in the two at the end...

Jon said...

Wonderfully thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Little Nell said...

There's a strong yearning here for things known, like a comfort blanket. That fear of not looking and wanting to perhaps stay I'm the nest? Haven't we all felt that? I liked the rhythm of this poem too, the beat really added to it - like a heart pounding with fear.

Catfish Tales said...

I would like to find all the roses and little girl's scrawl again. Seems I find it these days in the antics of my sweet granddaughter. Lovely prose, Lena!

Linda said...

The grass always looks greener where you are not and someone else is. Whenever we feel like a duck out of water we always long for something else and your poem expresses these thoughts so beautifully Lena. Thank you for sharing.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Very nice indeed - love the

"Where are the roses and little girl's scrawl
That we used to find hiding in bits of the wall" - beautiful words!

Anna :o]

Stafford Ray said...

Yes, I am feeling this poem right now. Empty nests might make it easier to keep scribbling off the walls, but we always worry about them.

Mama Zen said...

That line about the sunsets is gorgeous! Really nice write.

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done....enjoyed it all...especially last line..but it is all good thanks for sharing your words

Helen said...

'I still need my nightlight' set the tone for me! Great Mag ...

thingy said...

This is an incredible piece, Helena. Wow.

Tumblewords: said...

A delightful read!

Gail said...

A basket full of good lines...great poem

Helena said...

My thanks for all these wonderful comments. The piece was delivered from a combination of me losing a friend and her family to a foreign country as a teenager and the pain I felt when we downsized to a smaller home in a quieter area not long after.

My old bedroom wallpaper had pink roses as a pattern and my twin sis and I used to write messages disguised in and around the petals! Just daft teenage stuff but we missed that the most.

I have to thank Tess for the prompt. Although taken back to my youth when it was more heartfelt, it also gave me a sweet reminder of those rosy walls.

Anonymous said...

so desperate and lonely

Helena said...

Ahhhh......I'm a big girl now! I'm-a-coping!...X

Sue said...

I could definitely feel this all the way through.
Well done.


Anonymous said...

We all need a place to retreat! Well-expressed in the nest! K.

Friko said...

Consistently good, that's what you are.

rel said...

I too walk by the old place from time to time. It's changed some since my day but it's easy to remember what was before and lose my self in those memories for a time.
Now if only I could make them rhyme.