April 19, 2012

No Fringe Just Cringe Benefits

 This daft little poem was inspired by my beautiful and totally tapped daughter, Kerri, who was up from London with her hubby for a visit. She gave me an impromptu haircut during her stay and it wasn't bad at all! In her dental surgery it's important to work with a steady hand yet Kerri was let loose on my hair after a few voddies  (for her!) and the result lies below:  Yes, I did cut Kerri's fringe myself in the pic and bless her, she could easily have had her revenge for such a disaster...lol
My one and only baby girl
Got my hair and heart all in a twirl
We shared the shower every day
Shampooing all our woes away

We'd comb each others tangles free
I'd tug  (she'd shrug) upon on my knee
Sometimes we would plait our hair
A tricky, sticky, wet affair

Banana clips and pony tails
Ringlet look that never fails
Ribbons of the lacy kind
Were always very hard to find

Drama as the school admits
An epidemic -  lice and nits!
Bone combs, creme foams, scalps that throb
It never was a pleasant job!

Scrunchies, bunches, bands and bows
A fringe that hides both eyes and nose!
Short and spiky, long again
Purple every now and then

Blow drying was a nightmare too
My face took on vermilion hues
Brushes stuck in my dry nest
Conditioners all failed the test!

A few years on, we'd sit adjacent
Heads stuck in a silver basin
Bubble permed to our delight
We must have looked a proper sight!

Tying, dyeing, styles of yore
Are what our memories cater for
What better way to cringe and share
Than awful pictures of our hair

Kek, you sparkled all the way
Tiara on your wedding day
But this will always make me cringe
Can you forgive me for that  fringe?......



Jon said...

Your delightful poem served two purposes:
1. It provided me with laughs

2. Made me glad that my hair is uncomplicated and requires no unnecessary work.
(natural blonde - - bleached, dried, and fried courtesy of the West Texas sun).

Cat said...

Usually rhyming poems fall short because novices don't often possess the rare skill to write with syncopated rhythm. This reads like a song. And funny and tender