April 20, 2012

On A Non-commision Mission

Got up a bit later today to GingerJesus actually ironing!  Not the huge mound that my armchair was struggling to hold but his tee-shirt for work.  He has a part-time job at Tesco's to help boost his lager and studies ventures and to give my purse some well deserved relaxation. 

The role he has at work (as well as a checkout bloke) is green awareness and to promote their 'Help The Rainforest' customer campaign.  With the amount of bog roll he goes through, he's a ruddy hypocrite! 

Later on I decided to pay a little visit as I hadn't yet been in the shop causing trouble since he started.  He stood shaking his head by the till as I followed my single pack of chewing-gum up the conveyer belt and handed over a £20 for it. Bless him, he even said 'Have a crap day', in a low voice and gave me a wink! Talking of which - I noticed in one of the impulse buy shelves at the tills that they had packets of Imodium on sale, which sort of bamboozled me. I mean, you've either got the shits or you haven't.

On my way out I was accosted by a bloke trying to sell me cable television, phone, broadband and other commissioned-waged-desperado measures. I told him no thank you,  I was happy enough with my Etch-A-Sketch. That shut him up. 

Sadly, my venture did not end in joy as my chocolate Malteser Bunny addiction is getting harder to feed now Easter is over. I've tried Freddo Frogs bars and Minto Sheep ones but the hit just isn't the same!  Hey-Hoe!  Have a lovely weekend! 



richard said...

choclate as been the down fall of many a good man, and woman.

Jon said...

Your amusing excursion to the shop provided me with much-needed laughs.
Chocolate is one of my many legal addictions.I always go into a deep depression when Easter is over.
I haven't seen an Etch-A-Sketch since I was ten years old (nearly a century ago, I think).

Jenny Woolf said...

I am a bit of a fan of the Aero Christmas trees, I was horrified to find they had Aero sheep or were they rabbits this easter - anyway , have been averting my eyes at the huge pile that was being sold off in the Co Op last time I went. Mustn't give in, mustn't give in.....