April 04, 2012

S'no Funny!

A week ago today in Scotland, and recorded for the first time, the weather delivered a very freaky 74°F in the month of March.  It lasted for around 5 days and the summer-desperados lolled about in shorts, crop tops, flippin' - flops and such attire, planted bulbs and early bedding plants and had barbeques despite it getting dark by 7.30pm.  Today, I awoke to this:

As the day progressed, the flakes got bigger and although persistent didn't lay, but there was a viciously cold wind accompanying them. Hills and highlands do have a few inches and tonight it is to plummet to -3° C.  

Now, I'm a sun-dodger by nature. Don't like the summer if it's dry and hot and I longed to shout at some of the deluded who thought it was 'great that summer had come early this year'  to go check the forecast or their sanity.  Yes, the wacky weatherman was right, we were in for some snow, albeit a dusting. 

This is Scotland not the Pyrenees........but, wait a minute....there's a turn up....... what's that I see yonder? Yup! I'm pretty sure that's a snow leopard in them thar hills.........! 


Jon said...

Here in the wilds of West Texas it was 95 degrees yesterday. If you have any snow flakes to spare, please send them my way!

Jinksy said...

Don't you just love the variety the weather gods throw at us? I think they like to try and catch us on the hop! LOL

Helena said...

It'll be the bunny hop then, Jinksy, at this time of year! Groan....sorry - that was a terrible pun!

Jenny Woolf said...

I don't like the weather too hot, as I can't stand high temperatures, but K don't like it when it is dull and grey. And I am like a cat that I instinctively seek out sunny spots ... which of course I then can't tolerate for long :D Have a Happy easter!