April 14, 2012

I Interrupt My Catching Up............

.........To Bring You This:


( Video NOT the same as the sidebar one I had up, just a few stolen moments from it!)

My younger son (GingerJesus/Adam /drummer) and his fellow band mates have a debut video  now released.  The track, What's Become Of Me is chosen from their hit EP and the video shots compiled from various venues and studios. Once again, I give you No Need For Idols:



Kirsty said...

OMG! I canny believe the difference in Adam and his wee pal Ollie! They were so young at the charry gig in 2007! I'll get a proper catch up soon - I just wanted tae check oot the vid!



Anonymous said...

Great wee video, Helen. Ross's band must be shiting themselfs....lol

We're getting nipple shots, fully topless and flashes of Callum's thighs now. Why don't he go the whole hogg and just perform in his Calvins?♫