April 07, 2015

I Want One That's Not Chocolate!

                              Sorry this one is a bit late - trying to catch up over the Easter holiday.  
                                                      Just a quick effort with little tones of my own Easter childhood!

Every year on  Easter Sunday
shiny shoes and cotton shirts,
All that Sunday Best malarkey
bored to death in that huge church

Hymn books open ready
morbid songs they make you sing
Hold your breath next to old Charlie
or inhale that  musky ming!

In the morning came a visit,
Easter Bunnies clad  in blue?
Just nutters in a onesie,
fooling nobody but you!

Little lamb a-bounding,
with energy galore
Till the day he's on the menu
feeds a family of four

Hens-a-constant laying
eggs-on-the-constant boil
Colours, faces, and cool patterns
for us to smash and spoil

Gee - all those shit straw bonnets
piled as much as you damned please
Then a prize for putting up with
hostile birds and angry bees

It's sad to hear the story
crucifixes, rolling stones
All forgotten once the wine flows
with no sin there to atone

When He's born we're given presents,
given chocolate when He dies
Forgiven each hypocrisy
before His very eyes

Such memories to last me,
arms so full of daffoldills
Stolen from a nearby cemetery
looks nice upon your sill

Same time again, then, everyone
school holidays of Yore
From Fridays through to Mondays
bring about that tin foil war


Berowne said...

A powerful, thrusting response to the prompt...

Jon said...

You've hit the proverbial nail on the head with this poem. It rings with absolute truth and resurrects so many long-ago Easter memories.

Little Nell said...

What a rebel you are! Love the idea of a the Easter Rabbit being a nutter in a onesie.

Michael said...

The blatant mixture of religious ideas would be fine if Christianity didnt itself say not TO DO THAT. How modern people with reading ability and modern Bibles still celebrate holidays that are so blatant contradictions is craziness to me. Theres nothing really wrong with easter celebrations, granted...just dont call it a christian thing. Like calling red, blue. Meh, rant over

Kutamun said...

Ha ha , awesome , can we get Pat Benatar to sing " Easter is a Battlefield !"

Helena said...

Berowne - did I get the quiz answer right......*pigs will fly*....?

Jon - Thanks, Jon. - That's mostly what I had to work with this prompt round!

Little Nell - I saw loads of rabbit onsies on sale near Easter so popped that in!

Michael - I'm not religious Michael, just using childhood memories and feelings that sprung from the prompt. I'm not one to purposefully offend anyone (don't have the education enough to that) and wouldn't know the difference between modern bibles anyhow. I guess a lot of us are colorblind. I put all my faith into music.

Kutamin - I'll see if she's up for it!

^.^ said...

Me don't want a phony chocolate one either ... gives me a headache ... but, thank goodness, dere is other real and very real ones out dere ... smiles ... Love, cat.

Sandee said...

Very well done. Very well done.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Anonymous said...

I remember Sunday Schools as being somewhere parents fobbed their kids off to for some peace and the Sunday School itself tempting kids in via the lure of candy.........

Tess Kincaid said...

Oh that eighth stanza...yeah...

Kim @ This Belle Rocks said...

What a great poem; says what many of us are thinking!

Forest Pirate said...

A battlefield poem - well said, and in triumphant style. Good reading. Thanks for the readability of the text, too. I Makes reading enjoyment better. Pity about the unecessary captcha