April 01, 2015

♥ PrettyBoy's And Girls Come Out To Play ♥

Really looking forward to my son's engagement party this Friday.  Out of all the PrettyGals below (and quite a few more not in pictures!) at last he's found Thee One.  He's always been a bit of a player outside his band's heartthrob drummer status, but I've fond memories of his Girls of Yore.....(and some not so fond!)  Now my baby's growing up!  Not in any hurry for grand-babies just yet, but I'll buy a ball of wool in just in case.....................







It's nice to know he's at last settling down.  I just hope at the ultimate alter he doesn't do a Ross from Friends and get his women mixed up! 


family Affairs said...

ha ha - more interested in his hairstyles!! great news though! Lx

^.^ said...

... and that's how it goes, mumme Helena ... I betcha, u liked them all at the time ... Love, cat.

anne marie in philly said...

my my my, he's had a string of beauties. congrats, mother of the groom!