August 25, 2013

Strawberries Stoned

As we're venturing towards Autumn, I can say with all honesty that I'm happy to see the summer slowly fizzle out.

Sadly, it also means the end of our garden strawberries. Every year there usually is the odd one or two that grow into something weirdly and wonderfully wacky.  This year, the best result was this fruity reject below:

                                                            From the front:   The John Merrick
              From the back:   The Karl Malden (who can forget that nose!)

Although our malshaped strawb had so many bumps, it didn't quite meet the charm of these misfits:                                                    
                                   The Mini Dino

                                    The Phallic Prick                      

                               Whole Heartedly Handled                

                          My personal favourite:  Socked It To 'Em
                                        ( you can actually see leg hairs when clicking to enlarge! )                       
But wouldn't it be great to strain a strain of strawbs that tastes rather much the same but with a variety of looks?

You know - I've always wondered what a Pic 'n' Mix strawberry punnet may consist of?

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Jon said...

I never knew that strawberries could be so versatile. Amusing photos!

Autumn? Is it really coming?? Here in miserable west Texas, summer usually extends well into October.

Steven Cain said...

The boots. Hands down, the best.

That cluster of yours, is a little scary.

richard said...

you just had to add a prick to the mix, didn't you?

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the stocking ones!! And I am so with you...I am ready for summer to be over like yesterday!

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Just love strawberries of any shape in a large glass of Pimms.