August 11, 2013

Nobody Dances Like Mother

Marquee stands and coronets, 
layers of madness in Georgette
Acts to stir the manic up, 
absinthe there for her to sup

Catch her moments, catch her soul,
spirals out of her control
Capable of anything, 
as in her head the urchins sing

Audiences do not matter, 
moving to her own glib smatter
Entertainment ready spent, 
admission free outside the tent

Swoops and dips and sinister stances 
cataleptic stares and trances
Delightfully a dame deranged, 
a minor cheer in sweet exchange 

Need she not partner a fellow,
for her perfect score Bolero
Moonlight glistens bust and face
keeping lit finale grace

There she goes, the mad old sow
showing everybody how
The mind perceives and captivates
far too often, far too late

ps.....remember to look for the added edit - my own little stamp - in each week's picture prompt!


Berowne said...

Sharp and skillful; well done.

Margaret said...

Love the name Georgette... And this is quite a spinning tale!

Helen said...

Enchanting, as always!!!

rel said...

Audiences do not matter,
moving to her own glib smatter

Been there, done that!! :-)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love that she doesn't give a damn about an audience :)

Kutamun said...

Yeah, she is well ahead of the crowd

Tess Kincaid said...


Trellissimo said...

cataleptic stares and trances

I've caused a few of those myself, over the years! :)

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"The mind perceives and captivates
far too often, far too late."

Well said!

Jinksy said...

Erm...your Magpie audience would find it easier to read your offering if you inserted the actual post on the linky list, rather than simply your main URL? For us latecomers, it's a bit of a time waster having to scroll down for yonks to discover your fun take and delicious rhyming! :)

Helena said...

Berowne - thank you again kind sir! I'm still pondering this week's quiz....I know, I know, it's now Thursday.....!

Margaret - thank you so much! Georgette (with capital) is actually a crepe like silk and it's referring to her under layers!

Helen - swirls of thanks!

Rel - you, too? Me too, too!

Keith - well I'm the first up on the dance floor, so she kinda takes that from me!

Kutamin - she is indeed!

Tess - that's exactly how I was relating to her.

Trellis - Another you, too? Me too, too!

Jerry - thank you. It is often the case!

Helena said...

Jinksy - Jinksy - Jinksy. Impatient Jinksy.......!

Direct links are okay, but I'm giving my Magpie Tale 'audience' (or any bugger really) the chance of a quick surf in case my other posts take an interest. I like to know what else others have to offer, too, not just their MT's.

Sorry to be a time waster. How many 'yonks' seconds are we talking here? One? Two? God forbid, three? My suggestion? Take scrolling lessons and chill out! LoL

Anonymous said...

Oi! do you know how much more you can pack into your day if you don't need to scroll past one or two posts? You could pat a dog, sniff, scratch your head, fart, put on one shoe, sip some water, turn a page, whistle three notes, open a packet of crisps, or read six words....the possibilities are endless!

Kathe W. said...

nice take on the image!!!

Helena said...

Kathe - thanks so much. Glad other can find me no bother

Anon - you're a very, very, naughty boy!!