August 16, 2013

Park It In....!

I was amazed to find this video of a certain park in London on Youtube.   It was my son-in-law's landscaping company,  Gavin Jones,  that were contracted to work on the grounds.   Reinventing  South Hill Park in Bracknell (with its infamous Haunted House) took a quarter of a million and four long,  laborious months to complete.   But the end results are astounding, considering it was a deserted location at one point.  Prince Edward declared it officially open and was escorted round the house and grounds.  

Anyhow, here's a few pictures from my own album:

                                  Me on the garden balcony
The right side garden of the back of the house

That infamous ghost picture!
And below my son and daughter with the magic makeover man in red

 It's nice to see appreciation for work well done and I'm sure the park and house will continue in it's new success........just watch out for that apparition if you enter the building,  he apparently blew his brains out!



Jenny Woolf said...

Impressive looking place and he's made a great job of the gardens! It is a way out of London but if I am in the area in the future I will now know it is there and make a point of going to see it.

Joyce Lansky said...

The landscaping is fabulous!

Geo. said...

I made a living as a gardener for over 30 years and know excellent horticultural effects when I see them. Nicely done!

Steven Cain said...

Beautiful! So glad the place could be put to rights.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

LOVE the picture of you and the garden balcony - what a magnificent place this must be!

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

What ghost?

Lovely gardens.

Helena said...

The ghost of Major Rickman is said to haunt the house yet. He blew his brains out in the gunroom. The link below will give you more info - including the clever 'ghost' addition. I almost shit myself when I saw the snaps......!!

Jon said...

The landscaping is extraordinarily beautiful. And you look great on the balcony!

I am always intrigued with haunted houses.