August 22, 2013

Ordinary (Kinda) Days (8)

Not the greatest of starts to the day.  My cat, Boaby, came home with a tarry substance on his tail end. Relentlessly licking away at it, I got rather scared about the harm he might cause himself so I decided (against all felinely ethics) a bath was necessary.  He turns into Freddie Krueger mode the second a pool of water over 2 inches appears before him.  Three adults, two hairdryers and a box of extra large band aid later and the mission was complete!

Early afternoon saw me doing a bit of shopping and pick up some knitting patterns for my next disastrous  "crap de bleu flec avec numéro 10's '  for my daughter, which led to an unfortunate little exchange on the bus ride home.  The sun suddenly appeared,  shining warmly through the window which kick-started the tingling and before I could stifle it, I let out a 95 mph sneeze, to which the lady sitting in front didn't take too kindly to.  My apology and explanation that I did actually have a tissue but in the pocket of the jacket that I had rolled up and crushed in my bag, didn't appease her that much.  Moaning git.....most of it settled on the window anyhow!

Feeling more pooped by 7pm that usual, I took an earlier bath ( in which the cat had no decision in ) and afterwards pampered my tootsies with layers of royal jelly lotion my daughter left behind. This in later affect made me slide on the kitchen lino but did you know you get a much better view of the bottom shelf of your fridge while doing the splits !?

One little uplifting factor.  In almost 28 years I've at last and quite unexpectedly come across a film with Rutger Hauer completely in the nip!  It's Dutch, early 70's, unsubtitled, and looks like a complete load of tosh that could, therefore,  make it a cult flesh flick of some standing in the Netherlands' regions!

But today's overall
lesson......never get too complacent when beating a man at Gin Rummy as he'll seek revenge and totally tank the arse of you in a future Countdown challenge. Ta-rah! 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Awwwwww poor Boaby DOES NOT look happy in that water lol

holli said...

That picture of the cat is hysterical! It does not look pleased to say the least. I havent done a split in years and i'm afraid i wouldnt get back up. Hope your day gets better

richard said...

Boaby does not look like a happy cat!!!

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Rutger Hauer played in several movies by director Paul Verhoeven. You may know Paul Verhoeven from his US output (RoboCop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct). But in Holland in made a.o. Turks Fruit (Turkish Delight ) with lots of naked Rutger. It is considered one of the best Dutch movies ever made.

Helena said...

Rob - you have made an old(ish) woman very happy with your very much appreciated info....!! I'm gonna watch the whole of it now. Subtitles or no subtitles....!!