March 31, 2013

This Should Crack You Up

Heaven's above!  I've not long returned from town after witnessing some crazy, cockamamie scenes in the seasonal goods aisle of a supermarket.  People were going nuts to nab what remaining chocolate Easter Eggs flitted about the shelves. You know the situation is pretty dire when Kit Kat starts to out number other varieties 10 - 1 and then become a desperate measure itself.   

Over-stretching, tutting, some mild swear words, one proper swear word, stomping on toes etc.  A young chap even popped a finger through the foil to secure himself a purchase!  Thankfully, my sprogs are all fully grown and it's just the odd family few I buy for Now I'm not the most prepared person myself but these eggs have been commercially thrown in our faces since Christmas.

Cavity dread aside, my fondest Easter memory was not the cocoa buzz, but boiling a good old hens' egg, and hand-decorating and/or drawing faces on it!  A huge bunch of we bairns would  take our creations to the park and have rolling competitions down the grassy hillIf your opponents egg was cracked worse, you got the option of peeling and eating it.  You couldn't shit for days but that was eventually counteracted by all the chocolate eggs your family fought over in supermarkets the previous night.

                                     Have a Happy Easter. 



richard said...

Happy Easter, Helena.

Jon said...

Thanks for providing me with some much-needed laughter. The situation is very similar here in the wilds of Texas. Yesterday in the local supermarket I was being pushed and prodded by rude old ladies who were intent on purchasing the last of the chocolate Easter eggs.

Little Nell said...

I don't understand the panic buying either. Fancy poking through the egg just to make sure of your claim - how bonkers. Like you I remember the simple pleasures. We hardboiled our rggs with onion skins to make a pretty pattern on the shell. Pace eggs they were called - then we rolled them downhill.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Hope your Easter was good. We had a bit of rain and mud, but we had a good time :)