March 05, 2013

Vulgar Saucy Cannon & Co

I just want to give Mrs. Kezley (me)'s  boys a huge GOOD LUCK wish for their upcoming single due to be released  into the Scottish charts in a few weeks.  The record company (titled) have chosen  Now You Feel  - the song that the Daily Record viewed as a potential hit single - for recording after hearing it live at King Tuts.

Today, Ross, Ross and Scott arrived at the studio for the first stage of recording before Paul and the final Ross join the tedious temperaments of the next stages later on this week.

The guys have made a brilliant job of sweeping across the central belt but it's in Edinburgh, however, where they've played fewer gigs, that the main promotion of the single will start.  Bus stops, halls, business premises etc, will be hosting posters as internet and radio do their funky stuff !  It'll appear in the old sidebar and blog one day. It's only fair that someday you should feel it too!


Stafford Ray said...

It`s a tough business but with a mum like you they will not be game to fail! Good l;uck lads, hope to hear you on the charts here in Oz

Jenny Woolf said...

Congratulations! How wonderful that they are seeing success within their reach!

As Stafford says, it is a tough business with a lot of tough people in it, as I know from experience of a family member who made a lot of money in the music biz. The best thing for the boys is to keep grounded, not trust anyone.. and have fun!