March 20, 2013


I'm ever so excited about visiting me daughtah and son-in-law in London in a couple of weeks' time, the early thrill being that both my sons are able to make it down, too!  The last time we were together visiting their sister was at her wedding.  Back then she was sneaking bottles of beer to PrettyBoy at the reception (he was 14 ) but now both her brothers are of legal drinking and getting-a-round-in age.  Where does the time go?  

 I cried a bit recently, actual tears, fearing how the next year or two may go Ross has finished uni and has moved back home for the time being but it was during Adam's 4 weeks away work commitments that it hit me - the hardest ever kick in the mush - that one day soon I really am gonna be 2 bedrooms spare. I should be celebrating, thinking home-gym and art space, planning longer baths and in the skud tours of my rooms, be cheering smaller piles of ironing and being tobacco and twisted wires free.  But I'm actually quite scared.

I have absolutely no problem as to how I'd fill my spare time.  Creativity is my middle name and boredom rarely comes knocking.    It's hard to believe that can of bathroon mousse may now rust eternally. My family is huge and since childhood I've mostly known busy, congestive mornings and Walton's goodnights.  Bugger.


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Optimistic Existentialist said...

I'm sure it will be quite a transition at first but hey - you'll be able to completely do literally anything you want to. Think of the exciting possibilities!