March 15, 2013

That's Stalk 'n' Roll

I'm fair enjoying my musical break.  Haven't played the guitar (badly) so much in years.  Some songs chords are being replaced by what ever wants to fit in.  That's what I love about the start 'n' art to song writing - the pieces of paper with scores and scribbles, rude and manic doodles and coffee stains (although I don't drink coffee - they still get there!).

I've been searching hopelessly for one of those noise-activated dancing sunflowers but my town ain't being very kind in my search.  Looks like it'll be an online job, then.  I plan to record a few covers and some of my own crap on guitar - just me, strumming, bumming and humming and stuff , while the sunflower dances joyously along.  He may become suicidal by the time I've juiced him out but that's how it goes when you're a purchase of mine.  All this crap will be shoved - crudely - down my never ending sidebar of stuff no one's interested in but it passes the time -eh?

Hope you're all doing dandy and I'll get back to y'all once my voice box has handed in it's notice.  Toots!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

My neice is a blossoming musician - she loves playing the guitar haha.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

awe what a cute flower!! Sounds like fun... Playing musical instruments badly is the only way I know how to play them.. Happy Friday to you!!