February 26, 2012

Never Mind The Tin Opener......

I've tried to work out Warhol
what was in his muddled mind
Neon psychobabble
from the rude to the refined

Faces radiating, 
all intent and all aglow
Ghastly colours clashing -   
not quite Rembrandt or Rousseau

I like to view my idols 
in the way the Lord intended
Not skin of blue and hair of green
Some may feel quite offended

Oh, how he took the famous
faces of the silver screen
And brought them out uniquely
for his final act or scene

Historic buildings captured,  
wild bristles are a woven
He tells his tale so vibrantly 
'bout Einstein and Beethoven 

And did you know he took bright hues 
and very coarsely painted
our Majesty the Queen on high -  
Philip nearly fainted!
Colours bursting everywhere
his senses in a spin
Just opened up a cupboard - 
and the subject lay within
Bananas, ice cream, lobster -
tins of Campbell soup
Was inspiration overdrive - 
a goody-foody scoop!

Sam the cat, pandas,  pigs - 
there's very little cuter
Or easier when he soon learned 
his way round a computer!!

Now art is something you nor I 
may never know at all
But a 'famous' oxidation stain 
that's running down your wall?

I really think that art is sometimes
held in high contempt
And opinions clash forever
no true artist is exempt...but

Who am I to judge at all, 
or drink from the same cup?
May not be 15 minutes 
but I think my time is up.

So please enjoy the song below
from my heroine - Ms. Harry
In tribute here to Andy
for a lifetime quite contrary



Helen said...

Your Mag is thoroughly entertaining... impressive too.

Brian Miller said...

you covered a lot of ground on andy...there will always be those willing to argue with what is art...i think the greater skill lies in those willing to challenge our comfort zones...

RD said...

that's how it's done...I always did wonder if 15 minutes wasn't a bit too much....

Peace ☮

Jinksy said...

I loved your third verse in particular! LOL. Thanks :)
Now, how about turning off the two word verification gremlin for us busy commenting bloggers? :)

Trellissimo said...

Excellent take! LOL
But could you take the time to turn off the double word thing as Jinksy asked? So many bloggers don't realise they still have it in place, simply through not understanding how easy it is to remove.

Ruby Hawk said...

very entertaining, I enjoyed it immensely.

Little Nell said...

Great blend of words and music again!

Wayne Pitchko said...

it is all art.....thanks for sharing your words...nicely done

Deborah said...

Brilliantly done! :o)

icyhighs said...

Thoroughly enjoyed that. I agree there's space for all kinds of art and expression, and maybe I have no right to comment, but I've often wondered if Mr. W somehow overstayed his 15 minutes.

Old Ollie said...

oh that Warhol...only you, and Miss Harry could reveal him so.

rel said...

He did make a success story out of the mundane.

Lolamouse said...

Loved it! I love Debby Harry too!

Other Mary said...

Oh, very nice! Love the Beethoven rhyme! And great song too!

Kathe W. said...

I'd forgoten about those 15 minutes!