February 19, 2012

The Fest


If ever one was happy to see to colours floating by
Where rainbows lash across the ground instead of in the sky
Youths and wrinklies culminate, an ageless blend of life
A festival's the very place (why won't you take the wife?)

The music's mad and manic, you like bands you really hate
Time passes much too slowly, you've no patience- just can't wait
Raise your hands up high, girls - let's see your underwear!
Money jiggles out your pockets but you really just don't care....

You love this given energy, and think it's quite alright
To pay £5 for a glass of beer - buying 14 in one night
You've trodden on all sorts of things, wet the whole time through
It's amazing all the places that can double as a loo

Surrounding music follows you, it's hard to disconnect
When the pill you popped an hour ago kicks in with full effect
Colours jump from everywhere, from each and every tent
Won't be long until this happy trip goes on it's big descent

And at three in the morning, lost your mates, you're all alone
Can't remember why you've ended up outside a neon phone
You lift the dial and frown and sway, and give a little sigh
And ask the magic troll you're with 'Eh? who the hell am I?'

Only sleep will be your saviour, he's a long long way away
Just pick a tent at random, till you see the light of day
Then asking if it's worth it, paranoia, pain and fear?
Of course it is, this ageing hippy does it every year!


Brian Miller said...

ha...i have no idea what you are talking about (sarcasm...ha)....some cool touches along the 'trip'...finding places to double as a loo...um, yeah...lol...i tell you what you have to be on some pill to drop that much on beer...yikes....

zongrik said...

if you can't pick a tent at random, you can pick a phone booth and sleep standing, like a horse

meditation station

Helena said...

Brian - you wouldn't believe the snaps my son brings home from T-in-the-Park! Fortunately, he takes his own beer!!...lol

zong - you're not wrong! Given the chance, I'd prefer it!

The Tame Lion said...

Cool! ;)

Lyn said...

Really can go along with this old Hippie..and come back next year, definitely! Remember being carefree??

Sue said...

I could really see this scene.

Well done!


Little Nell said...

It’s as if we were there - but I never was - no really - never. Wonderful description. I enjoyed it a lot.

Friko said...

Do you really? I'm too old for mudbaths, sadly.

Other Mary said...

lol, THAT explains the colors of the phone booth! This made me think of the Who song, Who Are You. What a fun write!

Helena said...

Tame Lion - thanks for the visit. I'm still checking out your jokes ect....XX

Lyn - I still try to be carefree...(not easy though!)lol

Sue - thanks. The distance lights put me in mind of the additional fairs and stalls of festivals.

Little Nell - thanks. Glad you enjoyed the ride.

Friko - No, I don't really but enough of my family have first-hand stories of muddy glories!

Other Mary - The Who. Yes! How much more Glastonbury can you get....?

Doctor FTSE said...

You could be talking about me, Helena. In which case, best thank. And I liked the unusual 14 syllable line length.

Doctor FTSE said...

You could be writing about me, Helena. In which case, best thank. I like the unusual 14 syllable lines. Shades of Robert Browning.

Helena said...

Doc - you get value for eyes at my stops.....! I'm honoured you counted!!

rel said...

Oh my you are talented!
I'm not sure I can do it every year anymore, but I might try again; Mardi Gras starts today. ;)

Jinksy said...

Sound interesting, but this ageing hippy likes four walls comfort! LOL

Trellissimo said...

Hippies, eh? Lead me to 'em! :)

Steve E said...

In order to 'follow your thinking' --grin! I read this several times.

You really worked on this! It's good!
I really enjoyed and appreciated it!

Never been INto a real FIESTA. I was always that guy which few Peeps noticed--in the alley with my Muscatel. I DID hear y'all, up until I passed out.

Luckily I'm here now with you happy parading, laughing, Peeps. NOW I could be there (drinking chocolate malted milks)...........


Lolamouse said...

This was great! Funny and clever and very well written to boot! Now let's see the pictures!

Kirsty said...

i've got some Omega 3 caps that i'll save fur next year if ye want...!♥!

Helena said...

Hi Rel - ah, bless you! Mardi Gras sounds just like the ticket. Have one for me - pink feathers, mind..!!

Jinx - four walls with festival via telly, is more my idea of celebrating it, too!

Trellissimo - it goes without saying that Ada and Cad would be the ones I'd LOVE to accompany me there. They're an act unto themselves anyhow!!

Steve - peace back at'ya! I'd love a fiesta-a-twa myself!!lol

Lola - I'll run a little slideshow on my profile margin soon. Brace yourself...lol..x

Right, Krusty - eh, I mean, Kirsty. Just make sure you bring the blue Smarties, missus! You know why...!!!!!

Harvee said...

Quite a ride....interesting!