February 16, 2012

Just For The (Daily) Record

PrettyBoy came home today announcing that the next venture into his Honours degree is to be the making of a video. Of course, a music video was his choice.  He has decided to use an older release single called Asylum that his band recorded just over a year ago.

The endearing thing about University is that help comes along from all departments - quite literally.  This time Hotel India  will be appearing subliminally  in the shoot and the main focus will be directed on two friends (male and female) from the drama department. The young lass also models and is a bit of a stunner! She also has lots of props including eye contacts and special effects shit which is a bonus. HI's Paul and Ross F (there are 3 called Ross in the band!) have honours in video editing and imaging.  So this time there will be a story and acting in the video.

The module, only 48 hours old, has already a beginning and an end. It's the friendly infusion in the middle, when the camera's ain't rolling that'll stick in PrettyBoy's memory more than this little mini masterpiece ever will.

See........? Students - they're not all cheap travel and traffic cones......

 Right, best be off...I've a Signal to try and fit in a (window) box, now...! 

                             Get To 'F'

This week getting to 'F' comes in the form of faeries. Not your cute ones but your naughty ones. This gal is a magic mushroom maiden. Yup, I did try them once as a teenager and was violently sick as a result but I blamed the grilled  dog-piss coating for that and not the drug......*ahem*



Anonymous said...

♫......these spirals of colours have taken me in....♫

Helena said...

How did you get the notes up, smarty-pants!???

Steve E said...

Lot of topics here HA! But the one which pulled me in was WHAT A GOOD job you did raising Pretty-Boy. I'm impressed!


(How did 'Anonymous' get those notes in there?) I'm also ANONYMOUS. The first word is ALCOHOLICS--grin!